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Sam Ketchum
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We have an auto attendant set up to dial specific call queues based on what the person calling in dials. These call queues each ring specific distribution lists, on which if no one answers then the call gets forwarded to a specific user. I created a new user for each call queue to field these incoming missed calls and designated it to be there purely for the purpose of recieving voicemails. The purpose of doing so was to make it so that when these accounts recieve a voicemail they could automatically forward it along to the specific distribution list which missed the call, therefore, everyone who needed to would recieve it. I tried a whole combination of settings weather it was in creating an in box rule in the email account or in the admin center. 


None of these options ended up working because normal email uses SMTP protocol which travels through microsofts transport layer and is affected by forwarding rules where as a voicemail is generated using EWS protocol and thus flys under the radar of the rules. 


Does anyone know of a way around this, even if it means going back to the drawing board in the set up of the set up of our auto attendant? or if there will be a fix to this issue rolled out at some point soon?

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Hi Sam, Could you open a support ticket on this so that we can capture exact scenarios to help with.Thanks!
Hi Sam The Outlook rules unfortunately wont work. The One way i can suggest to do this is to give all your users shared permission to the mailbox of the user you created for Voicemails, that way they all may be able to add this users mailbox to their outlook and may see if a new message comes in. However if anyone checks the VM i believe it will get marked as read in everyone's mailbox.

Hi Sam,


We had a similar issue when we began using SfB. I don't know if my solution will work for you, but I wrote a macro that runs on a timer, and runs a forwarding rule every ten minutes. The down side of this is that the outlook desktop client the macro is installed on must always be open

What is the macro you are using and what is the rule?

You have to make the rule to fit your needs. Once that is done you can write a module that runs the specified rule, then have another module that runs on startup that runs on a timed schedule to call the runrule module.

I attached the text that we use below.

Hi Sam


I set a forward for missed calls and voicemails by using Flow.


Flow was very easy to set up. I signed to with account where I wanted to configure the forward and created a new flow that would forward any new mail with an attachment to a group of users, (a little crude but this account is only used for AutoAttendant).





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