Call Queue Serial Routing - Agent order?

Justin Kingston

Started testing the new Serial Routing in Call Queues; is there any way to change the order of agents for the Serial routing option?  It appears that it just applies them in alphabetic order, based on alias name; we'd ideally like to shuffle that agent order around, but not seeing any way to really do so.

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Bump... opened a ticket with Preview on 11/17, still hasn't even been assigned to a tech.
In case anyone else is working the same issue, support got back to me; the fix is a bit hacky: create a DL for each agent, (we're doing XXX_CQ_Agent-1/2/3/4), then assign an agent to each DL to preserve the agent order.
Thanks for the follow-up. This is not a desirable method, but at least it is functional. Hopefully, they will implement a way to specify users for a call queue instead of just groups.

@Justin Kingston did you ever get an update on this, setting this up now and alfa is our preferred order. . 

@Daniel St. Hilaire complete radio silence, par for the course unfortunately.  The workaround with DistLists works well enough and is still in place, didn't explore any further.

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