Auto Attendant not answering calls

Roger McCann
Occasional Contributor

I have an Auto Attendant that won't answer calls with a particular toll free number.


-If I dial the toll free number, it rings twice and disconnects.


-If I delete the auto attendant and dial the number, it rings busy.


-If I build a new auto attendant with that toll free number, it rings twice and disconnects.


Any ideas?

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BTW: this is for Skype for Business Online
Hi Roger , we had an issue on Friday with some toll-free numbers and issue got corrected now.. Feel free to open a support ticket on our portal if you still see this issue. Thanks!



Thanks for your reply.


I opened a support ticket and the SfB team promptly addressed the issue. It seems to have been related to the region setting used when the line was ported to SfB.


The autoattendant is in service now, answering and directing calls as it should.