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We released build 16.7.138 earlier today with many improvements to meeting join experience.  Please install the latest build, try it out, and report an issue to file a bug.


Full release notes are here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-Insider-releases-for-Skype-for-Business-on-Mac-7f190a71-2b56-4914-8044-668582997619?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US

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Our Skype for Business environment is on premise, we still don't see user photos, even in latest release 16.6.xxx


When will this be added?

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Hello fellow Users,

with all the missing amenities in the app I am wondering whether this one is intentional or just my set-up problem: the only contacts the SfB client will find when searching contacts are my colleagues. The Outlook address book and the i

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Searching for Outlook contacts is not supported in SFB for Mac yet.  It is in our backlog.  SFB Mac is still catching up to SFB for Windows on the feature parity.  We hav

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This is my first post here! I'd like to know if it's possible to record a SfB session using the MacOS SfB client. I don't see any buttons or options to that effect. Am I missing something? 


I am running SfB Client v.16.6.332 on a MacBook Pro 2016 Touch Ba

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I am sorry to say that this is (another") missing feature with the Mac client in comparison to the PC client. I wonder why the functionality is so reduced but maybe the m

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Usually they seem to go live when it come out. Not today. What is new?

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The release notes are now available.

C8fjiiDXgAEGVqLSo I have SfB 2015 on prem and Exch O365.  All was working fine until the latest update.  I go sign in and put in the correct details and it just drops out to sign in again.  Anyone else see this issue?






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I have the same issue but have never had a working Meetings or automatic status update from calendar since switching from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business 2016. When I ent

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I have the same issue. And the client does not save any conversation history.

Same here, but i didn't open a ticket untill now.

I'm using SfB on Mac (Version 16.5.185) and my job title is still my old title. (It was changed March 15th). Is there a grace period for it to sync from Outlook? Please advise.


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Do you checked if your Job Title is correct on the Active directory side?

In the 'Features Added' section of the March 2017 update for the SfB Mac client, it is mentioned that "Admins can set the email and username with user profiles." Is it documented anywhere what specific domain, keys, and values are needed to make that happ

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@Paul Cannon Hey Paul you asked me to tag you in a post about the configuration profiles to set up skype for business. This post is essentially the same as I'm asking.



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This behavoiur is both with SfBForMac/16.3.241 & SfBForMac/16.2.156


We are a hybrid deployment, and the autodiscover DNS record still points to on-premise (Exchange 2010).  Our autodiscover endpoint (2010 CAS server) is getting hammered with autodiscover

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Hi Dirk, SFB Mac client does query the Exchange web service for the list of meetings. But we don't expect a huge load on CAS, especially after the Mac client is already c... Read More

Having the same issue on build SfBForMac/16.3.240

Very same setup with hybrid, internal autodiscover and all users in O365.


Just to clarify, there is NO on-premise Lync/SfB. The hybrid deployment is for email only. 95% of our mailboxes are in cloud; 100% of our Skype for Business is in cloud.

We have several users on the insider fast program with Skype for Business, we have been receiving several reports today of users on 16.6.328 having the below issues: 


  • Unable to place calls - skype call to internal users rings, called party answers but con
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Hi Microsoft

Why has the facitlity to send files through Lync originally been removed in SFB for Mac? Seems really poor that this feature has been dropped!! I work in IT and rely on being able to send colleagues screenshots through SFB on my Mac. Is this g

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I'm working with version 16.6.316 just updated this morning and you have the icon to attach files and works even with a federated user.

How can someone change the idle time for the Away status? Is that even available? On the Windows version is under the Status settings, but we don't have that on the Mac.

  • Show me as Inactive when my computer has been idle for this many minutes:
  • Change my sta
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Office Insider Fast Build version is available now.

Please find the release notes here at https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-Insider-releases-for-Skype-for-Business-on-Mac-7f190...


Please try it out and let us know your

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This is fantastic! I've been waiting for this feature (to be able to p2p file share) and it's so good to be be able to do this again!


Now all we need is the ability to gr

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There is no way of sending an attachment/file through Skype for business on mac. 

Mac OS (10.11.6). 


Please help. 


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Hi Microsoft

Any news on this? Seems really poor that this feature has been dropped!! I work in IT and rely on being able to send colleagues screenshots through SFB on my

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Problematic not to have file / attachment capability. Trying to get users to stay within the 365 environment is difficult when other platforms have such basic features.

I was shocked to find out today that you can't send attachments through Mac's Skype for business client. How does this not top the list of features? Having a mixed enviro

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This feature alone is a huge factor in our organization holding back on implementing SfB for Mac.

Microsoft conciders that this feature is less important than group management as this feature was added in the last build... This is one of the most important feature for

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