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I have SfB Mac version 16.2.156 but I'm unable to manage my contacts, I cannot add or remove contacts or even manage my Groups.


Any thoughts?




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I have had the same problems since trying to use SfB Mac any version.
What version of backend are you running? Lync Server 2013, SfB Server 2015, SfBO.



Is there someone with the same problem?





Our next SfB 2015 server will include several major improvements to the Mac client.  Improvements include:

  • Location-based routing
  • P2P file transfer
  • Block remote user access per policy

To ensure high quality of release, if anyone is interested in h

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Any news when we can expect the release?

If we are Skypepreview/TAP Member for CUs we get this automatically?



We are going to change PSTN Conferencing providers and we are asking Windows users to use the Meeting Update Tool to update their Online Meetings' info to the new provider automatically, after they have been migrated to the new service.


However, a

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So, it's 9/6/2017. 


This will probably go unanswered as so many other messages have. 


The page I was given before updating us with release notes (https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-Insider-releases-for-Skype-for-Business-on-Mac-7f190a71-2b56-4914-8044-668582997619#Insider=Office_Insider_Fast

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Hello, Ben:


Just after you wrote this, I discussed your post with our team.  I prepared an answer, but I went on vacation the next day and it never got posted.  In the

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We are using O365 and for SfB on Mac, all of our Mac users are not able to have their status change when they have a meeting on their calandar and they are shown as Busy.


This works for Windows SfB Users, and for Lync 2011 on Mac.. But does not work at al

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Still looking for a resolution on this?  When will it be fixed???!!!!!

Any update on this?  Don't understand why this does not work.

In my case it seems that status in SfB on MacOS randomly resets itself. I have my status set to "busy" (not automatic) but I will randomly end up as "away" or even "avail... Read More
Has there been any udpate or fix on this? I have SfB v.16.2.156 and Outlook 15.30 and my status does no update when I am in a meeting, I have to remember to change it. It... Read More
Hi David, I've been in contact with the SfB Beta Technical Support team regarding this since mid October. They are currently actively working to resolve this issue. My mo... Read More
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Here is what I get when I try to launch the latest build. It was working fine. Not anymore. 


Process: Skype for Business [684]
Path: /Applications/Skype for Business.app/Contents/MacOS/Skype for Business
Identifier: com.microsoft.SkypeForBusiness
Version: 16

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For me this started happening after I force-quit my Mac once, and simply deleting ~/Library/Containers/

com.microsoft.SkypeForBusiness fixed it. It will reset the applicat

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Exact same problem. I think it came after I installed Outlook (but not completely sure).


Symptom is the same (sqlite3_exec(CREATE_TABLE) ...) even though I'm running a mo

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I used an uninstall program to find all the files it lays down. Once I cleaned it off and installed fresh the problem was fixed.

Im having the exact same issue. Downloaded the last update for the GA release and error still persists. 

The Skype for Business on Mac client has been released - check out the blog article here for detail: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Full-Circle-Product-Updates/Skype-for-Business-on-Mac-is-now-Generally-Available/ba-p/25147

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At Ignite the question came up about QoS support for the Skype for Business Mac client. I believe the presenter said that DSCP bit marking was not supported due to Mac driver issues and that QoS would have to be handled via port mapping or something. I as

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Great question, this is also something we'd really like to see some documentation on. Poor quality calls with clients is leading us to look at shadow IT solutions to get ... Read More

Hi all,


I am facing some conenctivity issues with SfB and macOS - during "conference" sessions and 1 to 1 sessions.


Either my SfB clients drops entierly the connection or voice stops working for a few seconds.


I have tried LAN cable and WiFI - both react

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Hi Sascha,


Have your tried running this program against your SfB installation?




This may give you an idea about what could be wrong

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This is 100% repeatable in version 16.10.97 of Skype for Business.

  1. Join a meeting
  2. Presenter shares their screen
  3. Disconnect from meeting while screen is being shared (big red button)
  4. Shared screen remains active on display, and shows screen updates from presen
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Hello, Jo:


The 'hang up' button has always been a way to end audio and video in a meeting, but you remain connected to sharing and IM.  This is a feature that customers

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Hi all,


Am I the only one who experiance nearly all the time the lack of a "zoom" or "bigger" window when someone else is sharing the entire screen?


As you can see attached even if I have the SfB window on full desktop size on my 15" MacBook Pro 2016, the

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The app design was to have screen sharing always fill the screen without requiring the user to manually zoom it. We have found an issue that can prevent the sharing to ge... Read More

I am still waiting for a response on that?


Meanwhile I figured out that the issue occurs in case the "the Windows user" is using a very high resolution like 4k or at leas

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I have the same complaint.

Hello fellow Users,

with all the missing amenities in the app I am wondering whether this one is intentional or just my set-up problem: the only contacts the SfB client will find when searching contacts are my colleagues. The Outlook address book and the i

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Searching for Outlook contacts is not supported in SFB for Mac yet.  It is in our backlog.  SFB Mac is still catching up to SFB for Windows on the feature parity.  We hav

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Are there any plans to add Voicemail greeting settings like the PC version has? This seems to be the only way at the moment to record a greeting for Cloud PBX users.

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Update on this? Not able to on OWA either since Skype for Business voice mail service with cloud PSTN and Voice Mail options are not available.

I may have posted this in the wrong place yesterday (attached to a version release announcment). Proabalby better as its own post:


I have a long standing problem and wonder if others have same problem. In the Chat list (of past chats), chats with the same

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As with others, I see the same thing. No such problem in Windows.


In particular, the chats are mostly, kindof the same. I can click any one with a given name and most of

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I'm seeing the same thing. Windows does not have this issue.

What is your retention period for chat? We have retention turned off, which terminates the chat if not read soon enough, and this can cause the issue you see. A record of

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This is something that I frequently see as well. 


I'm not sure why this is different than the windows version or the old version of Lync. 





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How can someone change the idle time for the Away status? Is that even available? On the Windows version is under the Status settings, but we don't have that on the Mac.

  • Show me as Inactive when my computer has been idle for this many minutes:
  • Change my sta
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Is there a vote going on this? This is extremely frustrating as the current threshold is VERY low. Should be variable.

I've got exactly the same problem

C8fjiiDXgAEGVqLSo I have SfB 2015 on prem and Exch O365.  All was working fine until the latest update.  I go sign in and put in the correct details and it just drops out to sign in again.  Anyone else see this issue?






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Not to start a you know what kind of storm, but I installed the latest Skype Fast Insider release today (16.11.115) and this release fixed this issue for me. I was having... Read More

I just wanted to add that I'm experiencing the same issue.  When I click on Sign in, I get a blank pop-up window that just spins.  I've clean uninstalled Lync as well as

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please provide update for this issue as we have 25 users with the same results.

we are rolling out the full S4B to all users soon....

I am Still experincing the O365 Excahnge calendar sign in...We have S4B Server on Prem.

Currently running S4B client 16.9.3

I was able to change the Exchange address on the

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I have the same issue but have never had a working Meetings or automatic status update from calendar since switching from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business 2016. When I ent

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Dear all,


I am missing since a few updates for the "Office insider fast" the release notes for SfB. The website currently only mentiones version


Support Article


But today I have already installed version 16.11.115 - so I would really like to kn

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I don't mean to troll but from initial testing I can tell you what has NOT been added: 


-No tabbed windows / single window UI 
-Still no ability to send / receive attachme

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When I search for users by name with my S4B Client for Mac 16.10.97, it shows the telephone number for each user, who is not activated on our Skype for Business server. For all activated Skype for Business users, their names are shown. Is there any workar

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The release notes for Skype tell us to report issues through a menu option that doesn't exist. According to https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Office-Insider-releases-for-Skype-for-Business-on-Mac-7f190a71-2b56-4914-8044-668582997619


For members of
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I'm not quiet sure, but afaik you must have Office in Insider Slow or Fast Ring to see this menu. And yes, it is under the Help pulldown

We're using an on-premises Skype for Business environment, when Windows or Mac clients try to send a message to a Skype for Business Mac client, the sender usually receives 'We couldn't send this message' while the message is delivered. It probably has so

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Sorry I meant to say CLIENT policy, not voice.
This was resolved for us by changing the following parameter in the voice policy assigned to both the sender and recipient of the IM: IMLatencyErrorThreshold We set this ... Read More

Hi Experts,

One of our partner raised the below query:


Is there a way to set Dynamic Conference IDs on MAC client for SFB using outlook?


Please assist. Many thankns.

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Is this for SfB Server or SfB Online? The reason why i ask is SfBO supports dynamic conference ID's by default now. This is a server side driven, tenant wide setting thou... Read More

I have a few Mac users that have issues joining a Skype meeting from the client. It appears if they click "Join" or the hyperlink in the email it fails to join them into the meeting. It keeps ringing on the computer but never actually hops into the meetin

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I am also having similar issue as well, users can login to Skype but when they try to join a meeting the call window just continually rings trying to connect. All other a

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Can you provide me with the location or a link to to the 16.9.18 download?

It appears that the Office Update on Mac keeps trying to reinstall the same version of Skype for Business over and over. This happens even when the application has instal

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We received many feedbacks from you about the Single Window mode.  We made some changes in 16.2, currently available for Insiders, to simplify the mode.


• Single Window mode will be available for all users (SFB Online, SFB Server 2015 and Lync Server 20

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8/2/17. Still no progress on these issues. I've looked on other posts and at least for file transfer we were supposed to see it implemented Q2CY17. Well, we're halfway th... Read More

It's 2-May-2017 now...


Any news on when Single-Window UI will be available for users with EnableAutoIMArchiving disabled by group policy? 


We are unable to change ours fo

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Any news on when we can expect an update that will allow Single Window mode for people where Group Policy has dictated AutoIMArchiving is disabled? 

this is working for me now, but the client does not seem to remember the preference setting. Each time I start it I have to go to preferences and uncheck the option in or

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@Kam Foo Aw How can we find out if enableimarchiving is enabled or disabled?


I checked the SfB log file and I could not find a property in it with that name. What does se

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I see Build 16.9.3 has introduced the pop up like the PC client - finally - thank-you!  When will the pop up have the "Do not Join Audio" option available?  This feature is required for anyone joining a meeting who wants to just view content - for ins

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Yep, done so many times. :-)
Interesting enough, it is not showing this for me (build 16.9.3). In preferences under calls I do have it selected to ask me which device to use before joining a meeting.


Admins can not scedule meetings on outlook on behalf of the boss this feature is enabled in Outlook Mac Insider fast and slow for these versions.

Insider Fast 15.36.608+

Insider Slow 15.36.702+


Outlook for Mac release notes: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/outlookformac/2017/05/25/insider-fast-release-notes-15-36-170524/

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