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Hello Guys,


I am working as network engineer and trying to implement Zscaler through one of my customers infrastructure.


We are encountering an issue with this Cloud Proxy and the usage of Skype for Business on Mac OS :


It seems that Skype on Mac is

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Long story short at my company the SIP address doesn't match the SMTP/Email address. One of my MAC users is having an issue that pops a message saying: "Online Meeting: The Outlook and Skype for Business (Lync) user accounts do not match. You must sign in

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I did some research on this. The error pops up when the SIP address associated with the email address in Outlook do not comes back as the same SIP address from Sf

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For a reason I don't understand my meetings don't appear listed in the Meetings tab...

When I click the tab I receive the message: "We can't connect to Exchange. Please try again later."


The weirdest thing is that this feature used to be working fine

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make sure you enter your Exchange credentials on the main SfB login screen. We use federated authentication and if the credentials are not on that initial screen, the mee... Read More
Rafael, Did you submit this as a bug from the Insider build?

C8fjiiDXgAEGVqLSo I have SfB 2015 on prem and Exch O365.  All was working fine until the latest update.  I go sign in and put in the correct details and it just drops out to sign in again.  Anyone else see this issue?






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Not to start a you know what kind of storm, but I installed the latest Skype Fast Insider release today (16.11.115) and this release fixed this issue for me. I was having... Read More

I just wanted to add that I'm experiencing the same issue.  When I click on Sign in, I get a blank pop-up window that just spins.  I've clean uninstalled Lync as well as

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please provide update for this issue as we have 25 users with the same results.

we are rolling out the full S4B to all users soon....

I am Still experincing the O365 Excahnge calendar sign in...We have S4B Server on Prem.

Currently running S4B client 16.9.3

I was able to change the Exchange address on the

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I have the same issue but have never had a working Meetings or automatic status update from calendar since switching from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business 2016. When I ent

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Check out the latest Preview Fast update!

Features added

  • Single window experience for chats  All users now have the option to see chats in a single, tabbed window even if your organization has disabled automatic archiving of IM messages and server-side

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On another note, I'm sure that many other folks will support me, - addressing the well known erratic multiple chats with the same party would be highly welcomed


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I'll say this - just updated to 16.14 and it won't connect me right out of the box. Only spinning the wheel and nothing happens.

  • Fixed an issue that showed an error saying a chat message was not delivered when it actually was.

Really!!! Well maybe an issue was fixed but I got it less than 2 hou

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  • Single window experience for chats  All users now have the option to see chats in a single, tabbed window even if your organization has disabled automatic archiving of

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Just wanted to let you know that this update is not showing up yet, just checked. Not sure if something went wrong with making it available or not.



Is there any plans adding this feature to mac client? Would be very much appreciated!

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zero percent chance they do this.


You have 2 workarounds.


1. Convince someone to turn off pchat in your environment, forcing your team to use MS teams (which you can

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I know the other discussion was referenced and I did not read through that discussion, but I believe persistent chat will eventually go away in Skype. That's what I heard

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So my organization utilizes the persistent chat feature a lot to facilitate quick, interteam communications without using email. Those of us with Mac's are left out of th

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We have released the first Insider Fast build for February.  This release includes the following changes; more fixes will be coming in the next Insider build.


Features added

  • Joining a meeting without audio  When you choose to join a meeting without jo

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It seems like the bug that was muting my headset automatically on every call is gone but now every time a call connects my headset volume is reduced to 10%.  This has been going on for months now and is incredibly annoying.  I'm on version 16.13.184 with

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Using a Jabra Pro 830 headset and I also see that the input level of the microphone goes down. In the beginning I did not get it why it seemed when I started to talk like

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I am not able to record Skype for Business meeting from mac. Please help me with the procedure of recording Skype for Business meeting from Mac?

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2018 and we still can't offer this to our Mac users. Please make this happen as usually the Mac folks are the ones in meetings and want to record their sessions.

Hi Asjad Khan.


If you want to record your Skype conversation you will need to use third party software. I suggest you to download and install Open Broadcaster Software.

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Get a Windows PC instead :-)


Recording on a Mac has never been available, and I've not come across any road-map items that says it will be in the future either.



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will it be possible to add consumer skype contacts to s4b Mac, this is the number 1 request we have.

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SFB Mac supports adding Skype consumer contacts if your SFB deployment is enabled for federation and you know the email address of Skype consumer.  Type in the email addr

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Setting Status in Skype for Business for Mac (e.g. busy, away) is just treated as a suggestion and routinely changed by the program with zero warning.  If I set my status to available any then read a document on my system without making any input for seve

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There are a couple of settings that might help, and I'll prefix this with these settings exist in the Windows client, but I am fairly sure they also exist on the Mac.



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I'm using SfB on Mac (Version 16.5.185) and my job title is still my old title. (It was changed March 15th). Is there a grace period for it to sync from Outlook? Please advise.


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So I'm running into the same issue.


Active Directory has the appropriate job title.

Sync with A.D. to O365 is functioning properly and replicated.

Delve shows the correct t

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Do you checked if your Job Title is correct on the Active directory side?

Customers using Skype for Business 2015 server can enable functionality for Mac users by installing the January, 2018 cumulative update which was released today.  Microsoft recommends that you install this update only if you need these features or experie

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We have released a new Insider build for your evaluation.  Build 16.14.80 includes the following changes:


Single window experience for chats

All users now have the option to see chats in a single, tabbed window even if your organization has disabled aut

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when I search for a contact or chat the Application crashes.



Woohoo!!! Christmas came early. :-)

I can state that the Single Window experience for chats is working great. Absolutely loving it!!

Thank you to the whole team to get this... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Phillip Garding (Microsoft)

This is 100% repeatable in version 16.10.97 of Skype for Business.

  1. Join a meeting
  2. Presenter shares their screen
  3. Disconnect from meeting while screen is being shared (big red button)
  4. Shared screen remains active on display, and shows screen updates from presen
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Jo - Can you install the latest insider build and try this again? I am not able to repro this with the current build in my environment.

Hello, Jo:


The 'hang up' button has always been a way to end audio and video in a meeting, but you remain connected to sharing and IM.  This is a feature that customers

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Here is what I get when I try to launch the latest build. It was working fine. Not anymore. 


Process: Skype for Business [684]
Path: /Applications/Skype for Business.app/Contents/MacOS/Skype for Business
Identifier: com.microsoft.SkypeForBusiness
Version: 16

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For me this started happening after I force-quit my Mac once, and simply deleting ~/Library/Containers/

com.microsoft.SkypeForBusiness fixed it. It will reset the applicat

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Exact same problem. I think it came after I installed Outlook (but not completely sure).


Symptom is the same (sqlite3_exec(CREATE_TABLE) ...) even though I'm running a mo

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I used an uninstall program to find all the files it lays down. Once I cleaned it off and installed fresh the problem was fixed.

Im having the exact same issue. Downloaded the last update for the GA release and error still persists. 

The Skype for Business on Mac client has been released - check out the blog article here for detail: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Full-Circle-Product-Updates/Skype-for-Business-on-Mac-is-now-Generally-Available/ba-p/25147

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How can someone change the idle time for the Away status? Is that even available? On the Windows version is under the Status settings, but we don't have that on the Mac.

  • Show me as Inactive when my computer has been idle for this many minutes:
  • Change my sta
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We began using Skype at work only a few weeks ago, and we are already considering changing to a different program due to the lack of this feature.  We have multiple offic

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Is there a vote going on this? This is extremely frustrating as the current threshold is VERY low. Should be variable.

I've got exactly the same problem

Since installing 16.3.240 update a couple days ago every time I start a new voice conversation my headset (Plantronics W740-m) automatically mutes itself.  As soon as it does this once then the headset will mute itself in every other application that incl

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This occasionally happens in our company where we all call with SFB 2016 (windows 10 / O365). To resolve the problem you only have to do the check of the audio in the opt

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Hi b b. If it still repros in 16.5.172, please file a new bug for this. We will continue to investigate.

Updating that on 16.5.142 this still occurs.  

Hi all, This has been fixed in build 16.5.142. Please install the latest build and let us know if you continue to see any issues. Thanks, Chermaine

Unfortunately with yesterday's update to 16.4.246 the problem still persists. 

This did not happen until the update to 16.3.240 so I can pretty safely rule out a headset s

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Do we know by when would this feature be available? I am not even able to schedule Skype meetings on behalf of someone on the Insider version of both Outlook and Skype fo... Read More
I have not seen this in the Fast Insider builds - please point me in the direction where SFB (on prem) and Outlook clients exist that support delegation.
The feature is available in the Outlook Insiders. It will be available soon.
Best Response confirmed by Alistair Keay (Occasional Contributor)

We're excited to release new Insider builds (both Slow and Fast).  The release has a lot of improvements that you've been asking for, so we really would like to have you try it and give us feedback.  If you find a bug, please report the issue using Help\R

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Can you expand on

"Monitor the quality of your audio and video calls    If you are on macOS Sierra or later, your admin can monitor the Quality of Service (QoS) of your a

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Does the calendar / presence status sync work with on-prem Exchange or only for Exchange / SfB Online customers? I just tested it by adding a meeting to my calendar (Outl

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Has this update been pulled?


When I check for updates with fast-insider it says no updates available (I'm on 16.12.63). When I check with slow-insider I get 16.12.64.

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We want to move to skype for business from our current meeting/collaboration software but not having a way to record meetings makes it impossible for us to work with Skype for Business. We are Mac users and you currently don't provide a way for us to reco

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Hello All


We have Exchange Hybrid and S4B hybrid deployment. It has been noted that users are not able to save their conversation history to Outlook for Mac, wherever the mailbox maybe. This works only when both Skype and mailbox are hosted in O365. The

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I believe I have noted this happening too when using my Mac at home with Skype for Business. I will double check and follow up with you.




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If I have Skype for Business 16.12.77 signed in when my MacBook goes into sleep mode, when it wakes back up Skype for Business is signed out.  I have to login each time this occurs.  


Is this happening for all?   Anyone know if it is possible to ha

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This issue happens to me as well. If the client is not in the forefront, I don't even understand that I am not connected causing me to be unproductive. I have to sign out

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Hi, Joe - the app should be signed in when you come out of sleep.  Can you report a bug on this so we can take a look?  Please repro the problem and then click on Help\Re

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My Mac users have said they are unable to schedule meetings since going to Skype for Business on the Mac. Is there an Outlook add-in like on the PC to have the "Skype Meeting" button? How are Mac users supposed to schedule meetings? 



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Make sure they are scheduling a meeting and not an appointment. We have had several users confused by that. If you click on appointment, the online meeting options are no

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I am experiencing a very strange behaviour on one of my Macs. Immediately after starting a call or a video they drop and the application says "call ended". I reinstall Skype for Business twice but nothing changes. Anyone have had something similar ? What

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Please report the issue so we can look at the logs. When using the Insider build, click Help\Report an Issue.