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Getting reports that IM's between Windows and Mac clients not being sent. Sender recives a message saying the IM was unable to send.


Particularly between Windows client and Mac client. Windows version is  2015 15.04736.1001


I know this was bug in an earli

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Since installing 16.3.240 update a couple days ago every time I start a new voice conversation my headset (Plantronics W740-m) automatically mutes itself.  As soon as it does this once then the headset will mute itself in every other application that incl

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Unfortunately with yesterday's update to 16.4.246 the problem still persists. 

This did not happen until the update to 16.3.240 so I can pretty safely rule out a headset s

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It's been over a week now and the issue still exists, can we get an update or ETA from MS?
Having been on 16.4.203 for a day now it seems that this sometimes addresses the issue while in SfB but often does not and has NOT addressed the fallout to the remainder ... Read More
I spoke too soon, it still occurs with 16.4.203
I had to restart the system after the update for it to address the issue but it appears this does fix this issue.

will it be possible to add consumer skype contacts to s4b Mac, this is the number 1 request we have.

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SFB Mac supports adding Skype consumer contacts if your SFB deployment is enabled for federation and you know the email address of Skype consumer.  Type in the email addr

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Anyone else looking to have the "How do you want to join for Audio" pop up window? I need to be able to offer my Mac users ~1300 of them, an option to be able to no join for audio, for viewing slides, or to have Skype call them at another number.


This is

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A person in my organization wants to use a CX600 phone for Skype dialing. I have been told this will work with a Mac on Lync 2011, but nothing on Skype for Biz for the Mac. Is there some special process to get this to work? The phone is not working when t

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This doesnt help much, but if you sign the phone in using a PC - you get the pop up and can sign it in - you will be able to use it as a device on the Mac. The problem i ... Read More

CX600 is not supported for SFB Mac.  Sorry. 

We have a mix enviroment ( Windows and MACs) however if we have a Windows and MAC users on SfB unable to share screen or send files. When will this be fixed I know is a known issue.

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We use Office365 for email and on-premise Skype for business server 2015 for IM and voice. When we add an online meeting on S4B mac, the "Join by phone" information is not added to the invite. This works fine on Lync 2011. We can add it by copy-paste howe

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We have seen this intermittently as well. Restarting both the SfB and Outlook clients seems to fix it. Also make sure that you are using the latest versions of both clien... Read More

There is no way of sending an attachment/file through Skype for business on mac. 

Mac OS (10.11.6). 


Please help. 


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Problematic not to have file / attachment capability. Trying to get users to stay within the 365 environment is difficult when other platforms have such basic features.

I was shocked to find out today that you can't send attachments through Mac's Skype for business client. How does this not top the list of features? Having a mixed enviro

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This feature alone is a huge factor in our organization holding back on implementing SfB for Mac.

Microsoft conciders that this feature is less important than group management as this feature was added in the last build... This is one of the most important feature for

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While connected through VPN screen sharing fails with "We can't connect you to the presentation" (macOS, Viscosity/OpenVPN).


I'm not seeing any errors in the Console from Skype for Business. I've experienced this for weeks and months but only just now fig

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Hi Paul.  Can you please update to the new insider fast build 16.4.203 and report the issue?  Then we can get the log files to see what's happening.




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I have 2 Mac Books, both set to Auto Update, Insider Fast.

One has updated to the latest version of SfB, 16.4.203, the other, when "checking for updates" informs me none are available and I have the latest version.....16.0.3036.....which is correct, but wh

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Hi Bob.  16.0.3036 is a really old preview build of SFB Mac.  We have changed the update process since then.  Please remove the old build, install the regular production

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Hello fellow Users,

with all the missing amenities in the app I am wondering whether this one is intentional or just my set-up problem: the only contacts the SfB client will find when searching contacts are my colleagues. The Outlook address book and the i

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Searching for Outlook contacts is not supported in SFB for Mac yet.  It is in our backlog.  SFB Mac is still catching up to SFB for Windows on the feature parity.  We hav

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Version: Build

Features added

  • Improved Distribution List and Group Features: Users can now IM and Call DL and Groups.

  • Messages are now separated by date.

  • Support for option SIP URIs in chat window.

  • Users will now occasionally be prompte

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Good to see delegation in here, that has been an oft-requested thing from our staff. Is a "My Delegates" group supposed to be present in the client automatically? I'm not... Read More

I am on SfB 16.3.121 and my "converstion history" is most of the time not saved into my Exchange Online mailbox. My SfB account is in O365 as well and our autodiscover DNS entries are pointing to O365.

We still have SfB OnPremise servers for our PSTN conne

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Hi all,


my conversation history broke again since the last two updates. I am now on the newest version 16.3.241 and again no history.


I already tried to delete profile an

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I have the same issue

no conversation history when using MAc outlook client for 0365. S4B client is 16.3.121 chat history is gone after closing client and or restart mac.

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I have just installed Skype for Business 16.1.456 on my MBP running MacOS Sierra, and cannot log in.


(This is a fresh install, I have not run Skype for Business on the Mac earlier.)


On my Windows version of Skype for Business I have manual configuration o

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One thing that I can not believe has been addressed yet is the lack of control over notification sound. Like most Skype for Bus users if you use it for voice chats you have a headset plugged in and Skype set to use it. When in that config all notification

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Mine is consistent. If my headset it set up for the Mic and Speaker in the client all sounds go to it. If I unplug my headset and just have the laptop alone then I hear e... Read More

It seems to go out to the main speakers once or twice on reboot (not just restart) before bugging out and only going to headset for me.