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We have released a new Insider build to both Fast and Slow channels with 3 important bug fixes.  Please try it out and let us know your feedback!



  • Fixed issued related to users not being able to sign in due to URL format.

  • Fixed memory le

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I have a long standing problem and wonder if others have same problem. In the Chat list (of past chats), chats with the same person get broken up into many small chats, e

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The feature is available in the Outlook Insiders. It will be available soon.
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There is no way of sending an attachment/file through Skype for business on mac. 

Mac OS (10.11.6). 


Please help. 


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Clarification: 1:1 file transfer is support in SFB Mac for Skype for Business Online users. Support for SBF Server 2015 and Lync Server 2013 users is currently being work... Read More

Hi Microsoft

Any news on this? Seems really poor that this feature has been dropped!! I work in IT and rely on being able to send colleagues screenshots through SFB on my

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Problematic not to have file / attachment capability. Trying to get users to stay within the 365 environment is difficult when other platforms have such basic features.

I was shocked to find out today that you can't send attachments through Mac's Skype for business client. How does this not top the list of features? Having a mixed enviro

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This feature alone is a huge factor in our organization holding back on implementing SfB for Mac.

We are using O365 and for SfB on Mac, all of our Mac users are not able to have their status change when they have a meeting on their calandar and they are shown as Busy.


This works for Windows SfB Users, and for Lync 2011 on Mac.. But does not work at al

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Still looking for a resolution on this?  When will it be fixed???!!!!!

Any update on this?  Don't understand why this does not work.

In my case it seems that status in SfB on MacOS randomly resets itself. I have my status set to "busy" (not automatic) but I will randomly end up as "away" or even "avail... Read More
Has there been any udpate or fix on this? I have SfB v.16.2.156 and Outlook 15.30 and my status does no update when I am in a meeting, I have to remember to change it. It... Read More
Hi David, I've been in contact with the SfB Beta Technical Support team regarding this since mid October. They are currently actively working to resolve this issue. My mo... Read More
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I'm getting emails about missed conversations in sfb for Mac even though my sfb is connected.  When this happens, I try to send someone a chat message and it doesn't throw an error, but the message is not received.  I have to restart sfb for those message

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I'm having the exact same problem!

Hi all,


Am I the only one who experiance nearly all the time the lack of a "zoom" or "bigger" window when someone else is sharing the entire screen?


As you can see attached even if I have the SfB window on full desktop size on my 15" MacBook Pro 2016, the

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I have the same complaint.

Hello fellow Users,

with all the missing amenities in the app I am wondering whether this one is intentional or just my set-up problem: the only contacts the SfB client will find when searching contacts are my colleagues. The Outlook address book and the i

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Searching for Outlook contacts is not supported in SFB for Mac yet.  It is in our backlog.  SFB Mac is still catching up to SFB for Windows on the feature parity.  We hav

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Hello Experts,

in our office I am using a Mac and all other users are working with Windows systems. Our CRM is (unfortunately) running on a Windows Terminal Server thus making it necessary to work "in a Windows environment". Our Microsoft package is OFFICE

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Well thanks but that's NOT going to happen

With this setup this won't work, a combination of Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp and the HDX RealTime Media Engine for Microsoft Skype® for Business is at the moment the only w

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Hi - Any idea of roadmap timing for when the Skype for Business Mac client will support joining an external call native in the app, like the PC,  vs calling out to the SfB Web App?


I see that a Fedrated meeting is currently native - although kludgy join m

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Hi Matthew, Anonymous guest join is now supported in Insider Fast. Please install the latest Insider Fast build 16.8.170 and let us know if you have any feedback! Thanks,... Read More
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Anyone care to reply? Is this a bug? Do you have a time line of other features not existent in the Mac client vs PC client that you can share please. I have 1200+ Mac use... Read More
So what's the hold up on matching the presence indicators with Outlook? This has been requested for months.

I piece of feedback I can give you is to make the touchbar buttons bigger. You have the whole touchbar (right and left) and we have these 4 buttons right on top of each o

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We have released build 16.7.172 to Insider Fast channel.  This build includes the fix to a bug where we were showing chat as disabled before an IM reaches the remote participant.  Please install the latest build and let us know if you run into any i

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 Hi Chermaine,


Several of our users are reporting seeing the chat disabled issue again after upgrading to 16.7.184. 


Here's a video of it occuring


Please let me know if

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I am not able to record Skype for Business meeting from mac. Please help me with the procedure of recording Skype for Business meeting from Mac?

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Get a Windows PC instead :-)


Recording on a Mac has never been available, and I've not come across any road-map items that says it will be in the future either.



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We received many feedbacks from you about the Single Window mode.  We made some changes in 16.2, currently available for Insiders, to simplify the mode.


• Single Window mode will be available for all users (SFB Online, SFB Server 2015 and Lync Server 20

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It's 2-May-2017 now...


Any news on when Single-Window UI will be available for users with EnableAutoIMArchiving disabled by group policy? 


We are unable to change ours fo

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Any news on when we can expect an update that will allow Single Window mode for people where Group Policy has dictated AutoIMArchiving is disabled? 

this is working for me now, but the client does not seem to remember the preference setting. Each time I start it I have to go to preferences and uncheck the option in or

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@Kam Foo Aw How can we find out if enableimarchiving is enabled or disabled?


I checked the SfB log file and I could not find a property in it with that name. What does se

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We are having more than 50% population on Mac OS X.

Last I heard that Skype for Business Mac client tagging traffic however apply OS X not honoring that.

Is there any update on it..


thank you.

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We're using an on-premises Skype for Business environment, when Windows or Mac clients try to send a message to a Skype for Business Mac client, the sender usually receives 'We couldn't send this message' while the message is delivered. It probably has so

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Sorry I meant to say CLIENT policy, not voice.
This was resolved for us by changing the following parameter in the voice policy assigned to both the sender and recipient of the IM: IMLatencyErrorThreshold We set this ... Read More