Meetings with shared screens do not close meeting window

Jo Rhett

This is 100% repeatable in version 16.10.97 of Skype for Business.

  1. Join a meeting
  2. Presenter shares their screen
  3. Disconnect from meeting while screen is being shared (big red button)
  4. Shared screen remains active on display, and shows screen updates from presenter

In short, you're not really disconnecting from that meeting, even though you no longer have audio. This persists for hours until the program is force-killed or restarted.

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Hello, Jo:


The 'hang up' button has always been a way to end audio and video in a meeting, but you remain connected to sharing and IM.  This is a feature that customers use to continue monitoring a meeting without remaining connected.  Note that if you close the meeting window, you are fully disconnected from all modalities of the meeting.





And the fact that you can't close the meeting window and must force-kill the application?

If you can't close a conversation window, that is a serious bug that needs to be fixed.  We have not heard from users of this issue.  How often do you run into this?  If you are using the insider build and encounter this, please report the issue to us by clicking Help/Report an Issue.




Jo - Can you install the latest insider build and try this again? I am not able to repro this with the current build in my environment.

Sorry, I'm not using Skype any more have transitioned to Teams which works much better / more intuitively.

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