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Has anyone attempted this and what was your experience?  We are currently in the process of moving all of our users from on-premises to the cloud.  I found a great article that goes through some steps modify DNS to support online only connnectivity.


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PS D:\> Get-CsAccessEdgeConfiguration
Identity                               : Global
AllowAnonymousUsers                    : True
AllowFederatedUsers                    :

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Yes certainly possible to complete your migration and after the last user has been moved to Skype4B Online you can begin the process to transistion DNS to be a cloud only

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Hi Experts, 

Our customer wants to add a link to their website that will allow their potential customers to click a link to “Chat Now” (or some similar wording), which would launch a video call between the end user and one of their staff.


What we want is w

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As mentioned here  https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt605227.aspx



"Microsoft will support version 1.4.2 for 60 days after the release of 2.0.1. All versions previous to 1.4.2 are no longer supported."


Plan your CCE upgrade as soon as possible.


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I had some big issues last week with upgrading our CCE. We still had 1.4.2 running, I started the manual upgrade and the installer installed 2.0.1. The setup was interrup... Read More

Hi all;


We have a requirement for one of our sites to have private lines. We are using Cloud PBX, and I know this was available for for on-premise. Is this available in the Cloud offering?

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If you're using PSTN Calling from Microsoft, then no.  If you run a get-csonlineuser command against the user, you'll see that the attribute exists.  However, there's no

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Best Response confirmed by David Billing (New Contributor)

Are there any documents available which explain in detail why an organization should setup a Skype for Business infrastructure instead of using the Cloud service ?


i mean to setup and maintain an infrastructure costs always a lot of money.


i'm wondering a

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Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. The answer will depend on your specific circumstances. Skype Online may ...

- cost less or cost more than on-premises Sky

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Here is the session at Ignite that will talk about vNext https://myignite.microsoft.com/sessions/53241. Hopefully the content will be available afterwards.

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There will be some announcements about the next version of Skype for Business both on-premises and in the cloud at Microsoft Ignite in late September.

As for why on-premis

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Author Sarah A. Chrisman and her husband Gabriel live a Victorian lifestyle but have chosen Skype as one of the few technologies they allow into their lives. Read their story here: http://msft.social/zWoNy6

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I am aware that various modules and addons for Dynamics 365 can integrate with Skype for Business in the sense of - click on a contact record and place the call to the contact via SfB and also some where a contact has dialed in from the PSTN and Dynamics

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View @Eddie Clifton's recent blog & join in the conversation this Friday!


Title: 3 ways to bring your existing VTC into a modern meeting


Abstract: Join @Delanda Coleman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Skype for Business and guest @Eddie Clifton, VP

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Happening Now! Join us!

Good morning.

This discussion is related to obtaining SfB PSTN call statistics via some non GUI based source.


When using the SfBActivity > Detail report source\method, the .CSV returned does not include any PSTN call statistics.

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According to https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt790552.aspx the image uses Windows 10 Enterprise, so I assume I need to purchase a license for that? Why can't I use Pro?

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using a Pro version will lead to unexpected behavior, i recommend you to follow the pre requisites or test with a trial version. If you get the trial finished you can ren... Read More

Looks like that. Even says so on Logitechs product pages.
Thinks its because of this reason:
"Monitored and managed as a Windows 10 Enterprise device via Intune and SCCM (M

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I want to see the usage report 'Call me At' feature in lync 2013 environment. Whcih SQL query we can use for same ?

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We are planning our content to support the Skype for Business community for the upcoming year and we'd love to hear from you on your overall engagement with the Skype for Business community and our bi-weekly video broadcast series. Any feedback you may ha

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Good job Delanda! Let’s grow this community!

Thank you @Delanda Coleman - Looking forward to hearing what all of you have to say in how we can improve the overall experience for you.  The Skype for Business Communit

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Is anyone else seeing this error?


PS C:\Users\x> $sfboSession = New-CsOnlineSession -UserName "x@example.com"
PS C:\Users\x> Import-PSSession $sfboSession

ModuleType Version    Name                                ExportedCommands
---------- -------    --
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Strange one. I would raise a support ticket.

Hi, Just curious to know if others(Companies)are facing the same issues:   Our skype doesn’t stay logged on consistently, its keep logout and login back automatically.It's happening while we on video call or screen sharing or just IMing each other in comp

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Amit, Can you share logs from the client. We like to know the reason for disconnection.


MS-Diagnostics-ID would be great to have

Hi Amit,
are you working with an On-Prem deployment or SfB Online?


One of my users wanted to do some regular broadcast with external persons. For that we need to use "Anonymous" meeting are the two others type of access (Invitation only or All company) is for tenant users only if I understand well.

The issue is that

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Hi, were you ever able to find any solution to this ?




Do you use any type of Rights Management with your email?

I am having issues enabling MFA for our SFBO users.   Once Azure MFA is enabled, we cannot sign into SFBO on our mobile devices or laptops unless we are on our trusted network.


We are currently running SFBO in Hybrid mode because our voice service is 3rd

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Can anyone please provide details on below question. How do we know Skype attendee maximum other than 250 participants indicated by Microsof

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Not sure what exactly the question is here? The limits for SfB Online are listed here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/skype-for-business-online-limits.aspx



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Do you have a previous CCE installer versions, 1.4.1 and 1.4.2, if you do, please share a download link? 

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https://we.tl/q5vJtPy2ac Try this. I think its 1.4.2 or lower. Standard disclaimer applies if this is a version lower than 1.4.2 which are no longer supported. Read More

Hi Experts,

One of our customer raised the below query:

In large meetings (upto 1000 participants) can we control who is allowed to ask questions/interact with IM?

Please advise. Many thanks.


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If you are talking about a meeting for 1000 people you are talking about Skype for Business BROADCAST. In a broadcast meeting there is an inner meeting (participants) and

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Best Response confirmed by Balamurugan Ganesan (Microsoft)

Originally to act as a producer in the Broadcast facility one had to be preselected as a producer by the meeting creator. That has now gone away, and any inner meeting participant can be a producer and control what gets broadcast to the wider audience in

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I've love to see this as well... Have you submitted to https://www.skypefeedback.com/ ?

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Now that 2.0.1 is already out is this link going to be updated ASAP with the new additions, features etc in this release as there doesnt seem to much information online about this version yet?



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In Cloud Connector Edition 2.0.1, the following fixes were made: Restarting Virtual Machines sometimes caused the service to stop if the restart order determined by Hyper... Read More

2.0.1 had some hotfixes for issues in 2.0.0, no new features.

Best Response confirmed by shawn harry (Contributor)

Tech Community Admins,


Please kindly accentuate if there is a TechNet ecosystem like Recognition Points, Rankings, Achievement Medals associated with contributors' identities and alike in this new Tech Community?


The contributions points accumulated by co

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I think, this is imperative that Microsoft officially states where it stands on this matter as far as community is concerned and its transitioning roadmap, if any.

There is no connection with the TechNet platform, no achievements, points etc. from their carry over to the Microsoft Tech Community and vise versa.  Saying that, Microso

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Hi All - I just wrote a new blog post documenting the experience of using the Skype for Business Network Assessment Tool (Essentials). Please feel free to review and as always I'm looking for your input, feedback and ideas. Thanks! Link: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/skypehybridguy/2017/08/11/assess-your-networks-readiness-for-skype-for-business-online/

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The mediation service on my CCE Med Server stops quite frequently. I've also noticed the mediation service is set to manual. What would cause the med service to A) Be set to manual and not automatic? (even when manually set to auto it switches back to man

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And you are sure you have enough resources available for the CCE machines? Services stopping may indicate otherwise. As far as I know this is not a general bug in CCE

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Hi! We have bought Cloud PBX service, but it works only with numbers in the cloud. PSTN works great with CCE for outgoing calls, but we having issues setting up incoming calls (call queues & auto attendant in S4B Online). Is there any way to port our exis

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CQ and AA requires the 'PSTN calling' feature. In other words you cant use your own numbers for CQ and AA via CCE, although i do believe that feature may be coming to CCE... Read More