Skype is showing incorrect offline days information

Oleg K
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Have noticed recently that Skype is showing very big numbers of offline days for offline users when i do search, although i know that given users were only offline for a few days or weeks. But it often shows 60-90 days. Wonder why is this happening. I'm not 100% sure, but this users might also be using Teams, so maybe it somehow gets confused.

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Hi Oleg, 


I have came across this issue several times with on-premise deployments, it is fixable on-premise with a server update and Microsoft is looking into the issue (if you are unlucky enough to experience this in Skype for Business Online).




This is an online version. Thanks for the link. Last updated a year ago. I think it can be considered as dead case then.. 

If it's online then I'd suggest raising a support case with Microsoft as there may be a fix but not applied to your tenant. If you advise them that you are experiencing the issue it will at least flag it up that you are experiencing it.

I can try, though i feel like i will get an answer that this is a known issue and the ticket will be closed.

Just wasted an hour on call. Support says it was fixed (so the article was not updated, or support have wrong information). But they say that users might still show wrong information, because something is cached or like that and i can clear their profiles and then see if it happens again. As it only happens with users who are absent for a while (week or so) it would be very hard to test. Say one problematic users gets back next day and i clear his cache and then he won't leave for a year, so i must wait for a year to see if it is fixed now. Yeah.. I have closed the ticket.

Oh, i was also told that this could be a result of user not logging of or shutting down his/her pc. Great :) This is how IM technology should work.. Connection should be dead by now and i think in that case it would show less offline days than in reality not more than in reality. This reminded me how auto-reply information from Outlook is not propagated to Skype in a way of special status icon if you turned off your PC right after you set your auto-reply in Outlook. You essentially have to restart Skype for it to pick up your auto-reply information and start showing it to other users in Skype. Skype for some reason can't pull this information from the servers and needs to get it from some local storage/file on PC. When i tell this to my users they think i'm joking and question why we have chosen Office 365 in the first place.

Just received a followup email and they have linked an incident number which was a month or so ago. But the issue was with users still showing as Online when they have logged off (it was related to Teams usage along with Skype). So, support have found unrelated ticket and decided to close my case.. Great. Instead of telling me how important is for me to give them more stars on the feedback form maybe they should pay more attention. As i'm not a native English speaker i didn't catch this misinterpretation during the call and only saw it in the email (that's why i prefer email to calls).

Reopened the case and another support specialist confirmed it is a known issue with no known time frame for a fix. He also gave me a link for how to disable showing of days, so it would just show offline. I think i will not do this for now. Maybe it will get fixed at some point. Maybe.

We also see this fairly often. A user that has not been online in 4 days is showing as offline for 416 days. It's kind of ridiculous that this issue still hasn't been fixed. I have seen this for the last 3 years intermittently. 

Given how they push Teams, i doubt they will fix such issues for Skype.