Skype for Business (lync 2013) and CCE

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Skype for Business (lync 2013) and CCE



I manage all PBX's in my organisation and have been assigned to look into the CCE and the whole Cloud intergration.

I'm pretty new to this SfB and have been reading on it.

We currently have a Lync 2013 environment in our org and management wants to move to the cloud.


What I have a hardtime to understand is, can you have a on-premise Lync 2013, with a mix of SfB on-line users and the CCE component in order to leverage local site PSTN gateways? Or is is On-Premise or off, but not both?




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Re: Skype for Business (lync 2013) and CCE

Hi Nelson,

welcome to the world of Skype for Business.


A good starter to learn about Cloud Connector Edition isthe following training session (about 1 hour and 5 minutes)


To answer your question below directly: currently it is not supported to have Skype for Business on-premises (or Lync Server 2013) and Cloud Connector. this is something we received a lot of feedback about and we are working on it.


However you can host some of your users from your on premises environment to Skype for Business Online and leverage your existing gateways via the existing Lync 2013 pool -- we call this option Cloud PBX with on premises PSTN connectivity. At the same time other users can take advantage of what we call Cloud PBX with PSTN calling -- where the PSTN connectivity is provided by Microsoft. Please note that currently Cloud PBX with PSTN calling is availabe in the US, Puerto Rico, UK and as Preview in France and Spain.


Hope that helps, please let me know if there are any more questions.



Re: Skype for Business (lync 2013) and CCE

Thanks for your reply.


so im confused, your stating that I cannot have on-premise users that are registered to my on-premis Lync2013 use local PSTN? I guess im not understanding the CCE correctly.


Is the CCE not an extension between the cloud registered users and a site's local PSTN connectivity, rather it me SIP SBC or PSTN Gateway?


Cloud PBX with on premises PSTN connectivity. I guess I need a deeper description of this as I thought this was my initial question. But did the CCE portion add confusion to my question?

Re: Skype for Business (lync 2013) and CCE

let me go through the video you linked, ill be back later with possibly more questions. perhaps this video will bring light to my confusion.

Re: Skype for Business (lync 2013) and CCE

Hi Nelson,

sorry, if I caused more confuison. Please let me try again.


In O365 we offer Cloud PBX -- which will give you all kind of telephony functionality. However just like a traditional PBX, you need to connect it to the PSTN before you can actually call someone in the public telephony network. To connect Cloud PBX to the PSTN, we offer three Options

  • Cloud PBX with PSTN calling: Microsoft will provide the phone number and you will not leverage any existing PBXes, gateways or infrastructure (though you cna port your numbers). This is currently available in US, Puerto Rico and UK; France and Spain are in Preview
  • Cloud PBX with on premises PSTN connectivity via existing pool: you have already an existing pool of Lync 2013 or Skype for Business 2015 that is connected to the PSTN (e.g. via SIP trunks, your PBX, gateways, SBCs etc.); you move some users to Skype for Business online, but they can leverage the existing connections on premises to get telephony services
  • Cloud PBX with on premises PSTN connectivity via Cloud Connector Edition (CCE): Cloud Connector Edition is a set of packaged Virtual Machines (VMs) that implement on-premises PSTN connectivity with Cloud PBX.

Wile you an mix and match option 1 & 2 and also 1 & 3, currently you cannot deply CCE if you have already an on premises pool. However as indicated before, this is something we are working on.




Re: Skype for Business (lync 2013) and CCE

OH ! ok now I get it.

So I have approx 300 on-premise users on our on-premise Lync 2013, although currently, the only options available are user to user calling using the SfB client and video. We do not currently have PSTN connectivity via the on-premis Lync 2013. so this is what I need to setup now and find out what is required to get this step working as this will allow all users on skype, including future Yealink Lync enable phones to make PSTN calls. This would be step 1 for me. Then, step 2 would be to slowly migrate users to SfB On-line.

My delima right now is I have a new office to setup in Honduras planned for Feb 2017. My thinking is perhaps get a Lync appliance like the Sangoma Lync Express and enable SfB for all users in that offcie (approx 150) and also allow them connectivity to local PSTN and SIP trunks from carriers. This might change based on my meeting scheduled with Sangoma tomorow.

Thanks for your help on this. Now on to another subject, normalizing all AD users to prepare for the PSTN connectivity. That's another headhake... ;-)

Re: Skype for Business (lync 2013) and CCE

Nelson, cómo estás?


Cómo te fue con este tema? Lograste migrar tus usuarios y ver el tema de SfB con Cloud PBX?


Estoy basado en Panamá, y asisto a clientes en la parte de Skype for Business.


Avísame cómo te fue, y si en algo más te puedo ayudar.




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