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I understand that the conversation history will be stored on user's mailbox under conversation folder. But may I know if there is a central repository for us to get the IM log info on O365? I just guess there should be other place to store the IM log/history, e.g. if the user only enabled with Skype for business but not email, so how the user can get the IM log?  



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Are you looking for a history of who the user messaged and when, or the actual content of the messages as well?
If the user has no mailbox - then I would expect there is no history preserved except potentially on the other end.
However it *might* be possible to see a SIP session history using something like OMS, but I'm not sure of that.

Yes. I would like to look for the conversation history for users, including who, when, actual content.

So, that's mean there is no way to get back the history from anywhere if users don't have the mailbox? 


Correct, Skype for Business Online does not store the actual content.
This is fulfilled by Skype for Business Server.

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Many thanks for your help. Sorry but one more thing would like to know. Do you have any article or information could share to me how to get the history if the Skype for business server setups in on-premise?





Here's how to enable-server side conversation history:


And here's a page about the archiving component:


We tried to do addon for Skype for Business. It stores the IM history on client. You can try it.