Odd Issue with Calls and Simul Ring

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I had been using simul ring for about a year. Recently, I went on vacation and made a change so that it would go to voice mail while I was gone. Since coming back, I have noticed that calls are picked up by my cell phone voice mail (do not ring my cell phone at all). The only way I have been able to get it to stop is to reduce the "Ring for this many second before redirecting" to 10 seconds. If it is 15 seconds or greater, I can see on my Polycom phone when the call is answered by my cell phone and it goes directly to voice mail.


I have gone through S4B on my computer, iPhone, and iPad to check/disable call forwarding is disabled. I have checked the S4B console for my record to see if I can see anything odd happening, but I am not finding a solution. I also confirmed that I do not have set "Send unanswered calls to the following" to go to my cell and it is set for voicemail. Anything more than 10 second ring results in my cell phone picking up the call and going directly to voice mail.


We are running Skype in a hybrid environment. I am the manager of our Skype system, but I am baffled at what is happening. What am I missing or where I can check to see what is happening.


I would like to put back on simul ring as it was working great, but not if I have to have it at 10 second ring time. The Skype for Business app on iOS does not seem to run any longer in the background, so I cannot rely on it to get calls.


Suggestions on where to look or check for issues, I would love to hear them.


Thank you!




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Could that be a cell reception issue? If the towers cant find your cell, the call will go directly to it's VM. Make a call from you cell phone before you test again, and see if it still happens.


Re: Sim-ring not disabling... could you have any rules enabled here - https://outlook.office.com/owa/?path=/options/callanswering



Thank you for the reply. No, I do not think it is a reception issue. I can call in/out of my cell phone without any issue. I can call my cell from my office phone and it works fine. At this point, I am trying to turn off the feature as it seems Skype for Business has it coded some place to call my cell phone if over 15 seconds or longer. I have check get-csuser username | fl and I do not see anything there that would be causing it to happen. I have checked our voicemail system (Microsoft cloud) and I do not see anything there that would be causing it either.


Is there any place else I can check to see why calls are routing to another number when my office phone is dialed? I have disabled the S4B app on my iPad, Cell phone, and even tried on my computer for a while, but the issue continues. Currently, I have my ring time set for 10 seconds as I do not have the problem of going to the wrong phone/voicemail on my cell phone when it is 10 seconds or less. Once I changed to 15 seconds, or more, unanswered calls are doing to my cell phone voicemail instead of my work voicemail.


Very odd! I did check the link that you provided and nothing is listed in that calling rule area.




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