Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Benoit Quillet
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Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

I heard that the dual screen will be available in the next few days...
Have you already tested the new release ?

it's via windows store or other process ?

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Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Hi Benoit, I just updated mine. Log in as Administrator and then go to the Windows store and check for Updates. I had to update my Store app first but once done, just the SRS App was waiting to be updated.

Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Thanks Graham,


Mine is now in release after patch update ...

Cool to know that the upgrade is simple for SRS already in production :)

Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Can someone confirm that it does video on one screen, content on the other?

Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Hi David

When I was on a call yesterday video was on the right screen and the left screen said "No one presenting" or something.

In the office today, I'll test out when I'm back in my home office later.



Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Hi David,


I can confirm that it does video on one screen 1  and content on the screen 2.

Because there is no tag on Logitech doc, you can swap the screen if needed via the configuration mode when you activate dual screen :)



Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

confirming, like @Benoit Quillet that SRS v2 does utilize both screens.  We feel the problem on the screen where the participant video is showing is the tiny window showing the in-room view.  We feel that video feed should be larger so that you can, in the room, assure yourself that the video you are sending out is what you want.  The view is such a tiny thumbnail you have no good idea what the others are seeing of your feed.  Microsoft, please reply if you agree or if we are missing something.

Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Suggestion for MS: Put the room preview right in the application on the Surface.  Maybe even make it full screen and overlay the room control buttons over it.

Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Hello all,


We can't seem to get the presentation/content and the people videos to show separately on the 2 monitors (see photo below). Any idea why? Have you perhaps encountered this prior to getting everything to work?

smartdock not in dual screen.PNG2nd screen just shows the background...

The Surface Pro 4 has no pending Windows update, and the SRS software is also upgraded to (i.e. latest). We've also gone into Settings and made sure Dual Screen Mode is set to ON.


Any other thoughts?



Appreciate it!

Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Hi Chuck,


I know that the build caused sides effects ...

Do you have the same issue with the latest update ?


If yes, I recomend you to rebuild your surface with this article
https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/mt790558.aspx#Prepare the installation image

Re: Dual Screen (HDMI) with SRS v2

Hello Chuck,
Did you check in admin mode if you have the 3rd monitor activated ?