Change Language on Skype Room System v 2

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Change Language on Skype Room System v 2

I can´t find any information on how or if it is possible to change display language for the local "Skype" account on a Skype Room System. I can download a second language when I´m loged in as Admin and change the display language for that account. But I can´t seem to find a way to do it for the "Skype" local account.


Do I need to reinstall my SRS and prepar my ISO with a second language like described in this articel:



Will this help or will the "Skype" local account always be installed with English?

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Re: Change Language on Skype Room System v 2

Thankfully there is a script for this in the C:\Rigel\x64\Scripts\Provisioning folder on the SRS.

The script is called  applycurrentregionalandlanguage.ps1 and it will set the language of the "Admin" user on the "Skype" user. So the way to do this is:

1. Login on the SRS as Admin.

2. Change display language for the Admin user to your desired language.

3. Run the  applycurrentregionalandlanguage.ps1 script.

4. Reboot your SRS.


Thanks Jens Trier for pointing this out.

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