Calling Plans and Direct Routing in the Same Office 365 Tenancy

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I've had a good search of other posts and can't find anything so putting up a new conversation.


We're working with a customer who has offices in Europe. They run Office 365 E5 with Skype for Business and Calling Plans. Everything works great there. They also have a number of offices in APAC where they currently run legacy PBXs. We've got a SIP partner in APAC that can offer SIP trunks with numbers in the relevant countries. We plan on terminating these onto an SBC then configuring Direct Routing for Teams. This would all be within the same Office 365 tenancy. My question is, can you use Calling Plans and Direct Routing within the same Office 365 tenancy in this way?


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Yes you can if you are using Microsoft Teams! You can have one user using Calling Plans and one Teams user using Direct Routing. But Direct Routing is a solution for Microsoft Teams not for Skype for Business Online. You could use the CCE for Skype instead of DR or move those users to Teams.callingplans.PNG




If you want to you can have one Teams user using both. So a EMEA user is calling a analog device connected to the SBC or calling to a number in Asia you could route that call outbound to the SBC instead of using Calling Plans, if you want to.CallingPlans2.PNG


Check out the Ignite session "BRK4014 - Deep dive on Office 365 Direct Routing" (I got the pictures from that session).




Great, thank you. We'll probably move the users based in Europe onto Teams before we do the project in APAC anyway so shouldn't be an issue.



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