What is Skype Operations Framework (SOF) and Skype Academy?


Greetings & welcome to the Skype Operations Framework (SOF) & Skype Academy blog! We will share the latest updates and other relevant information relating to SOF and Skype Academy here, we encourage you to initiate and follow related discussions on the SOF and Skype Academy Discussion Board.


For those unfamiliar with the Skype Operations Framework (SOF):


We want you to be successful with your Skype for Business online deployments and migrations. Feedback from deployments has shown that there is more to a successful deployment of any cloud service than just switching the service on. There are a set of key activities and outcomes that are required to deliver quality and reliability.


SOF combines field experience with deep product knowledge and provides practical guidance covering these key activities and outcomes, and publishes this in one place as the Skype Operations Framework www.skypeoperationsframework.com.


Our recommendation is that customers and partners use this methodology to drive a high quality, predictable deployment which delights end users while promoting adoption and long term successful use of Skype for Business online.


And what is Skype Academy?


Skype Academy provides targeted training to educate customers and partners on Skype for Business products, services and best practices, while providing theoretical training along with internship and guided deployment opportunities to apply learnings to real-world customer engagements.


For more information, we encourage you to check out www.skypeoperationsframework, and if you have any questions, feel free to engage us on our community discussion board!