Typically, we only publish trainings for the latest features. However, we partnered with the Office 365 Center of Excellence (CoE) of Microsoft Consulting Service, to create the following trainings to help all customers and partners leverage Skype for Business Online.

  • Hybrid Configuration: http://aka.ms/sa-hybrid
    You already have Skype for Business and want to establish Hybrid to leverage the functionality of Skype for Business Online? Watch this training by CoE Architect @Cedric Depaepe.
  • Upgrading Server: http://aka.ms/sa-upg
    You are in an on-premises environment, but still run Lync Server 2010 or Lync Server 2013? CoE Architect @Alan Maddison, teaches you how to upgrade to Skype for Business Server 2015.
  • Meetings: http://aka.ms/sa-meet
    Meetings are an important part for every user of Skype for Business Online. Watch @Alan Maddison's session to learn all about meetings.
  • Skype Meeting Broadcast: http://aka.ms/sa-smb
    Want to broadcast up to 10,000 people? Skype Meeting Broadcast is there for you and CoE’s Architect @Alessandro Pasero provides details about planning, deploying, and maintaining this functionality.
  • Maintaining Health: http://aka.ms/sa-health
    Getting up and running is a good first step, but long-term user satisfaction requires a healthy environment. Watch CoE’s Architect @Matt Soseman's training to understand what health means in the context of Skype for Business, and what tools you can leverage to measure and achieve it.
  • Cloud PBX Introduction: http://aka.ms/sa-cloudpbx
    This session by @Thomas Binder, Senior Program Manager on the Customer Experience and Deployment team, explains what Cloud PBX is and what features it provides.
  • Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling: http://aka.ms/sa-pstn
    This session, also by @Thomas Binder, addresses how to plan, deploy, and maintain Cloud PBX with PSTN calling.
  • Cloud PBX with on premises PSTN connectivity via existing pool: http://aka.ms/sa-opch
    If you have already an existing pool, and want to use it to provide PSTN calling to Skype for Business Online users, watch this session, delivered by @Thomas Binder.
  • Cloud PBX with on premises PSTN calling via Cloud Connector Edition: http://aka.ms/sa-cce
    We released this session–a few months ago, which explains how to use Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) to integrate Skype for Business Online with an existing PSTN infrastructure. This training is delivered by @Bryan Nyce, Principal Program Manager on the Customer Experience and Deployment team.

Let us know what you think about our trainings in our Community. All feedback and questions are welcome!
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