Tenant Dial Plans General Availability training

We updated our training for Tenant Dial Plans to reflect that Tenant Dial Plan has graduated from Preview state and is now available for all Skype for Business Online customers.

Since the feature has not changed, the training stayed mostly the same – the only change we made (apart from removing references to Preview) is to highlight that External Access Prefix (EAP) is currently not supported.

In the recorded webcast, @Scott Stubberfield walks you through Tenant Dial Plans: why do you need them, how do you plan and deliver them and how to operate them. The key learnings are:

  • Skype for Business Online now supports tenant based dial plans
  • This allows to create custom normalization rules
  • Tenant Dial Plans are applicable to a specific user or to the entire tenant


Occasional Contributor

Maybe I am missing it somewhere, but the materials mention the tenant-global and tenant-user dial plans. However, the examples only seem to show New-CsTenantDialPlan. Is there a separate command for creating the tenant-user dial plans, or are they just assigned differently (tenant vs user)?

Hi Jeff,


There is no cmdlet required to create the tenant-global dial plan, it just exists by default. You can add and remove dialing rules just like you would a tenant-user dial plan that you have created.


I had debated including specific steps on how to modify/adjust the tenant-global dial plan however I decided to try to keep it as simple as possible.


If you look in the notes on slide 16 there is this note:


"You can follow the same steps outlined above for adding rules to the tenant user dial in order to be able to add rules to the tenant global dial plan. Simply use global as the identity and you can add dial plan rules to the tenant global dial plan."


Hopefully this helps to clear it up. I will likely look to add a dedicated slide on this in the future if I have to make additional changes.




Occasional Contributor

Ah, got it now. I had not paid attention to the Global tenant dial plan, or just assumed I could not modify it. Thank you for the clarification!

New Contributor

This is great training, unfortunately, when I attempted to create our custom tenant dial plan, imagine my suprise when a search for help resulted in no new-csTenantdialPlan! Looking around the Internet I thought maybe it was my permissions, so I tried get-csadminrole, but I guess that is only for on-prem servers? Why do I have Get-CsTenantDialPlan, Grant-CsTenantDialPlan,Remove-CsTenantDialPlan, but not new-CsTenantDialPlan? 

Occasional Contributor

Jon, you're not the only one, looks like some of these settings have taken a break: https://twitter.com/RealTimeUC/status/875534038987030529

Jeff and Jon, thanks for raising this. I have heard of some other reports from folks today on it as well and we are looking into it. I will reply back here when I find out what is going on.

Jeff and Jon, this issue is now resolved. Please confirm and let me know if you see any issues.