Update: File Transfer for users homed on Office 365 has been released. For more details see this article: Skype for Business on Mac April update is here - and File Sharing during chat for Office 365 users!


File transfer is coming to Skype for Business on Mac! While the general availability is still a few weeks out, you can access it now via the Office Insider program for Mac.


Note: Initially this will be available only for users homed in Skype for Business Online.

What is Office Insider
The Office Insider program for Mac allows users to install early builds of upcoming Office and Skype for Business on Mac releases to test new features before other they will be released publicly. For more details see this blog article: How to access early Skype for Business on Mac versions.

File Transfer
File Transfer between two users – without having to join a meeting – has now been added to the latest Insider versions (both fast and slow). You will now be able to send files from one client to another. This has been one of the most requested features and we are happy to add it to the feature set of Skype for Business for Mac. We are continuing to add additional features to the client so please ensure to stay tuned for more!

Note: Currently you will be able to send only one File in any conversation. We are working to get this resolved.


Call to Action

  1. Read How to access early Skype for Business on Mac versions
  2. Deploy Office Insider on some test machines
  3. Share Files between the test machines and enjoy this new functionality
  4. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post in our Community
Occasional Visitor

I work in a mixed Windows/Mac environment.  Will file transfers be platform agnostic?  Meaning will Windows users be able to send files to Mac users and vice versa?  Also, since the Mac Skype for Business client is based on the mobile platform is there anything addtional that needs to be enabled on the server side?  Our Windows useres are already able to perform file transfers with each other.


Hi Paula, yes, File Transfer will work between Mac and WIndows -- I just tested it ;) Also, there are no configuration changes required.

Occasional Visitor

How can I transfer files on Skype for Business mac? 


I have the latest version (16.13.181) and there is no way to do it yet...

Occasional Visitor

Has this been resolved yet? I have just tried and still seem to be unable to transfer files. When I tried to drag and drop the file on the Skype chat window it just sent the file location to the message recipent i.e /users/myname/Desktop/thisfile.png


I have checked for updates and it says I am running the latest the version on my Macbook