We’ve just published the latest Skype Academy training on Skype Room Systems v2. If you want to learn about what’s new with Skype Room Systems, how to plan for it, and how to deploy, check out the latest Skype Academy training delivered by @Nick Smith (TEAMS), Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft Customer Experience and Deployment team. 


Skype Room Systems v2, formally known as ‘Project Rigel’, enables existing conference rooms with a projector or monitor to easily be turned into Skype for Business meeting rooms, making it a very cost-effective solution for conferencing. The new architecture of the Skype Room Systems v2 application, running on top of a Windows 10 machine, simplifies the management of Skype Room Systems v2 deployments by allowing IT to use existing tools and processes to keep devices up-to-date and secure.

Watch the readiness presentation to learn more about the range of Skype Room Systems devices, when to deploy Skype Room Systems versus other Skype meeting devices, and planning and deployment considerations required for device availability.



New Contributor

Hey Thomas,


ist Azure AD Join & Intune Management supported / encouraged for the SRSv2?


BR Martin

Yes - Azure Active Directory and Intune management are supported.   We recommend using the technologies that you use to manage other Windows 10 PCs in your environment.

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The documentation I have read so far states that the Surface Hub devices and SRS systems will be managed in the same way, btu caveats that with a (coming soon) message. For sole Intune Management of the SRS devices am i right in thinking that they are to be managed as a Win 10 Enterprise device in Intune? If so are there any materials that detail what settings work on an SRS as i know that the OS image is slightly different from a standard Enterprise Win 10 OS?


Also what are the roadmaps for converging functionality and management of the SRS and Surface Hub, if any?

New Contributor

Following up on that - is it not sufficient to work with a Win 10 Ent E3 (auto-updated on the current Surface Pro 4  Win 10 Pro 1607)? 


What we'd like to do is:

- Take the Surface Pro 4 out of the box and device-join it to Azure AD

- Deploy Win 10 Ent E3 to the device via Azure AD and CSP licensing

- Manage the device via Intune

- Today: manually install the SRSv2 app 

* Future: Auto-Install the SRSv2 app via Intune SW deploy


Not recommended? Is the full Win 10 Ent system install a must have?




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Does Skype Room Systems v2 is secure and support 802.1x authentication? what protocol?