Personas Alignment Workshop and Matrix

Welcome, I’m Connie Welsh, an Architect within the Skype Customer Experience and Deployment team.


We developed the Plan, Deliver and Operate Phases for the SOF Model. Our mission is to help you Assess Persona Readiness and provide Best Practices to ensure that your Skype for Business deployment is successful, and performs with the least amount of friction.

What is Persona Alignment, and why is it important?

For most project teams, selecting the right set of candidates to migrate to O365 Skype for Business Online can be a challenge. It is very important to understand how to determine which users can be easily migrated easily, with the least amount of risk, while delivering business value. We have recently released the Persona Alignment Workshop and Persona Feature Matrix to help you succeed in this critical activity.

Based on the analysis and research, conducted by field experts, including UniComm Consulting, we created guidance about how to determine and optimize selecting user groups for migration and to optimize the migration order. It’s important to consider how to match capabilities to user requirements, and aim to migrate or enable user groups with the best fit to drive adoption and end-user benefits.

These Persona Analysis Assets provide practical guidance to help identify which user groups exist within the organization. The Assets also define the standard feature sets that are mapped to those user groups to help evaluate their readiness for cloud migration.

What is the outcome of Persona Alignment?

The outcome of this Activity, is:
- Ensure the project team understands the personas in the organization, and their associated communication needs.
- Determine an iterative approach to migrate these users to Skype for Business Online.

Please download the Personas Alignment Workshop and Persona Feature Matrix .xls workbook If you have questions, or feedback, please visit and access the Persona training on Skype Academy.