Call Queues and Auto Attendant trainings updated for General Availability

Note: Please note that Call Queues and Auto Attendant got another update. For the latest information see http://aka.ms/sa-ccq-blog


As we announced yesterday via our Office Blog article Skype for Business drives digital transformation Call Queues and Auto Attendant have left the preview phase and are now available to all Skype for Business Online customers.


We updated our trainings for both features and @Korneel Bullens, Senior Customer Engineering Architect on the Microsoft Customer Experience and Deployment team, will walk you through planning, deploying and managing these new capabilities.




Hi Thomas and Korneel,


Thanks for the update!

I was watching the AA update session, and noticed Korneel mentioned E3 + C-PBX or E5 was required. Is there something within AA which limits the use to only E3 and E5 users?

Generally, Cloud-PBX is available to both E1 and E3 https://products.office.com/en-us/skype-for-business/cloud-pbx




Hi Lasse,

Korneel's presentation is in line with the official documentation: Your organization must have (at a minimum) an Enterprise E3 plus Skype for Business Cloud PBX license or an Enterprise E5 license. This is documented both for Auto Attendant (https://support.office.com/en-us/article/What-are-Cloud-PBX-auto-attendants-ab9f05a2-22cb-4692-a585-...) and Call Queues (https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Create-a-Cloud-PBX-call-queue-67ccda94-1210-43fb-a25b-7b978...). However I'm following up internally to confirm.

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@Thomas Binder any clarification about the licensing?


We're trying the Skype for Business (Plan 2) add on, plus Skype PBX.


The Skype PBX page says Auto Attendant & Queues are included, but others say that's only for E5 -- any clarification?


(Seems pretty silly to not have an Attendant & Call Queue with the Skype PBX license, since those are very basic features of a PBX.)