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We are very excited to kick of this hour of live Q&A!  


Submit your questions as a new thread in the Skype for Business AMA Group so we can easily identify and answer them. You'll see official responders have the Microsoft blue circle around their names

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Is there a recording feature in Skype for Business for Mac?
Is there an easier way to follow updates than to refresh the browser?
Welcome to the AMA. We have several Adoption experts in the AMA as well. So bring those questions! I run the Skype Engagement and Adoption team so we're ready to answer t... Read More
Welcome! I'm Chermaine Li and I am a Program Manager for Skype for Business Clients & SDK TAP programs.

I have a fair ammount of users in my contact list that are displayed by their email/UPN rather than seeing firstname lastname.  Other contacts show up with firstname lastname.  Is this an issues, something with my client specefically?  It seems to be fede

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Unfortunately we don't currently get the full name returned and thus it shows the email address instead of the name.

anything to share about an alternative to Persistent Chat on the Mac Client?

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Persistent chat is different then conversation history. Its a feature that came for on-premises users and is particularly of interest to customers in the finance sector. ... Read More
Is Persistent Chat different than Conversation History? When will Teams be available for .edu customers?
Thanks for your ask. Currently Persistent chat is in maintenance across the product. The future of persistent chat for most customers will be Microsoft Teams.

As of this morning there are almost 38,000 total votes for preserving chat history with individuals in single threads.  This is a basic feature in almost every other chat client available today, from Trillian to Slack.  When will this be available in Skyp

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We did plugin for Skype for Business. It stores the chat history on client. You can try it. https://grovety.com/products/historage historage-open-window.jpghistorage-window.jpg

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We are currently looking into IM conversation history with various threads. There aren't any further details to share at this time.

I also have a similar issue with history being consistent between Mac, iOS, and Windows.  It usually shows up in only one of the three.  I don't remember it ever showing

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for reference, I got that vote number by combining a few of the ideas that are basically the same request: https://www.skypefeedback.com/forums/299913-generally-available/filters/top Read More

We have seen (and others have reported in the community forums) issues where the dial-in information disappears from meeting requests. Restarting Outlook and SfB fixed it until it happens again. Is this a known issue and any idea on when it will be fixed?

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If you're not seeing dial-in information, you may have a cached meeting with no dial-in information. You can try to run "defaults delete com.microsoft.Outlook Online

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We have been getting more and more reports from our customer on this as well. 

Is there a way to block external access for Skype for Business Mac app without disabling mobility?
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What about Client Version Policy? We're still on Lync 2013 but should also be available in SfB? 



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Not requiring mobility policy does not help with blocking external access for Skype for Business Mac app
We have removed the requirement for mobility policy. Please make sure you upgrade to the server versions listed in our known issues page: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Known-issues-Skype-for-Business-on-Mac-494ac5d5-50be-4aa7-8f5a-669c71c98c9a?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US... Read More

Is it possible to present powerpoint slides from a Mac Sfb client?

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Yes, you can by sharing your screen. If you are asking about uploading slides, its definitely on our list but no public timing yet. One thing to consider is that with VBS... Read More
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We are working on updating our release notes for SfB Server 2015 February release to include this fix.
We have Server 2015 on prem. I regularly have phone calls with our primary Microsoft Engineer, who uses a PC. Every time he tries to share during our phone call, it fails... Read More
If you have SfB Server 2015, please make sure you update to the latest server CU: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3061064/updates-for-skype-for-business-server-2015... Read More
Hi. This feature is already available for O365 and Server 2015. Can I ask you to clarify?

Thank you for joining us during this action packed AMA! Please continue to ask questions and share your feedback with the product team in the Skype for Business group and on Skype for Business Blog.


If you're not an Office Insider yet, we strongly recom

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Thanks for coordinating and thanks to the SfB folks that joined in!  That was really useful.

We're running tests on the latest builds that have delegation, but I'm not seeing the "My Delegates" group to add members to, nor is it clear if this would allow for Outlook meeting scheduling delegation as well (which is a big request form our Mac commun

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Hi, when you say the latest build, are you refering to the 16.4.* Insider build, or the 16.3.* production build? 

Ok, I know this question has Outlook in the title but...should Mac users be able to create a Skype meeting from Outlook?

Mac users can join a Skype meeting with the SfB client but they can't create one themselves.  Is that right?  Or is there a feature I'm

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Hi Tony. This feature is available today. Please confirm your Outlook version is updated (at least 15.28 or later).

The recent updates to SfB Mac are reverting settings from allow everyone to join the meeting without going into the lobby back to allow only my company.  Is there a way to allow the Macs to keep their preference, and is there a way to make the allow every

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We had a similar experience where now users are being forced to the lobby even though our Conferencing Policy is set to allow everyone.
That only works until the next client update. Then it reverts to My Computer again.. very annoying : -)



You can click "Remember Settings" in Outlook to have it remembering your preferences.


Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 18.20.45.png

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When will we get Touchbar support? It has been mentioned but has not seen the light of day yet

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Mike, any chance you could clarify which features you'd like to have on the touch bar?
Hi Mike. This is on our roadmap but we can't share any details on timing at this time.

If you are not currently running Office Insider on Mac builds please read the blog below for information on how to do so. This will give you information on how to access these pre-release Office (including Skype for Business on Mac) builds.



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THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT! We ask each customer to have at least 1 machine using the Insider Fast build. Its the easiest way to report problems and get logs to us!

Again another staple feature of Lync and Skype for Bus. When might we get this for Mac?

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Ugh does not help. This has really killed the adoption in our company. So many features are missing it is not a good solution. And it feels like we are still a long way t... Read More
Hi Mike. This is something we know is important and is on our backlog. We can't comment on timing right now. Our Insider Program will have the latest notes on what is ava... Read More