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Chris Corry
Occasional Contributor

Are there plans to be able to attach files in Chat for the Mac client?  This is currently available in the Windows client.

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Hi Chris. If you mean file transfer, that is something we are targeting for Online users for Q2CY17.

Hi Jennifer, when I hover over the icon on the Windows client it says "Choose a file to send", so if that's file transfer, then yes. Also, by Online, do you mean Skype via

SFBO = Skype for Business Online which is part of Office 365.

That's helpful, but the feature sets seems to be different for SFBO on Mac than Windows. So, I'm assuming that file transfer for SFBO Mac users is slated for Q2CY17...since SFBO Windows users already have it. Is that correct?
Yes, I did mean the file transfer as you interpreted it. And I also mean SFBO for Mac. Hope that helps.

We have to be careful with those acronyms here at MSFT :)

haha, truly! :)
Thanks Jennifer!
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