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Does someone know why "SOF Cloud Migration Release Overview " traing hasn't started yet? Has it been canceled?

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Hi Plamen,

sorry to hear taht you had difficulties to attend the training. The recording is now available here: https://infopedia.eventbuilder.com/event?eventid=i4u0t0


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This is going on now, please visit: http://aka.ms/SOF-training-18 for today's training To view all the trainings: https://www.skypeoperationsframework.com/academy Read More
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We released the Cloud Migration Release for Skype Operations Framework (SOF) in September 2016 with a new set of tools, workshops and guidelines.


One of the new assets in this release of SOF is focused on Site Rollout and Migration Planning activiti

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if you are looking for training on Cloud Connector Edition (CCE), please take a look at Skype Academy.


You can find there:

  • "Cloud Connector Edition Deep Dive Training" for everyone who wants to take a deep dive on Cloud Connector Edition. Content i
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One advantage of having this discussion forum is that we can share further information on how to use SOF assets and get a discussion started on your thoughts and experiences on your projects.


About me, I'm Martin Rinas, one of the architects developing

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Hi everyone, and welcome to the community board for SOF and Skype Academy!


The Skype Operations Framework (SOF) is a comprehensive guide and toolset for implementing and managing a reliable, cost-effective communications service based on Skype for Busines

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"Get Deployed Trainings" have 17 videos that you can watch on demand.
Hi Saranya, I logged into the " https://www.skypeoperationsframework.com/Academy" portal last week and was able to review recorded sessions. Now there are only live sessi... Read More

We are pleased to share the release of the updated Skype Operations Framework (SOF). The Cloud Migration release extends SOF and is intended to play a significant role in helping our customers and partners migrate from current On-Premises deployments to S

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