Please note that this readiness content has been updated. Latest blog is located here: https://aka.ms/sa-orgaa-blog


We’ve just published the latest Skype Academy training on Cloud PBX Auto Attendant, which is currently in Preview. Learn everything about Cloud PBX Auto Attendant in this training recorded by @Korneel Bullens, Senior Customer Engineering Architect on the Microsoft Customer Experience and Deployment team.


Cloud PBX Auto Attendant is an intelligent virtual receptionist that helps callers navigate the system with interactive prompts. Currently Cloud PBX Auto Attendant is in Preview for Skype for Business online.


Watch the readiness session to learn what this functionality can do, what the user experience is, and how you can configure it.


If you haven’t signed up yet, please sign up for the preview at www.skypepreview.com.


Note: If you have signed up and haven’t heard back yet on the status of your application, please stay tuned as we will look to onboard customers in different phases. Currently we are onboarding US customers only. We will be expanding this very soon, so please ensure to sign up on the site.