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 When I save an excel workbook selection as a webpage it crashes excel and recovers. This happens on more than 1 pc. In a few instances I am able to save it. But when I publish it to our site, the document is blank or refers to files missing. I am quite p

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To follow up on this question guys. Here is what I have found out.

A few Microsoft updates on August 22nd have caused a few windows issues.


To fix my issue here: Program "

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I can reproduce the crash in my Excel Version 1708 Build 8431.2046 (Monthly Channel, Targeted) on Windows 7. I did not test it on Windows 10. My steps were:

  • Create a
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Hello, a colleague of mine is attempting to create a table linked to a Word Document poster via hyperlink.


The idea is that individuals will input data where answering a specific question on the table. However the individual will only see their own data t

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Hi Kevin, can you provide a bit more information:

Is the data being entered into an Excel Table and then presented in a Word Document?
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Hi i am trying to use Connections in Excel 2013 (Windows 10), each after i select the excel file, Excel crashes and restarts. Any idea how to fix this?

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I am at a center where we have mail call for clients.  Moving from a blackboard I can see a monitor displaying an excel alphabetical list that scrolls automatically and loops through the names during the day.  Typically 200 clients have mail so the displa

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Hi Ed

What info do you want to display for each client?

Can you mock up an example and give a screenshot of how the source data is structured?

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I have alpha/numeric list data in MS Excel that is used to populate an MS Publisher sheet which then can output to a printer capable of printing 128 entries by 8 columns. The list is double posterboard size.

When we reprinteach month with new entries the e

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If you select that printer (in FIle, Print), is the papersize you have available in the list of choices for papersize? If so, set that paper size and see if it will fit w... Read More

Sharing from SharePoint or OneDrive for Business? Go here.


With your Excel workbook stored on OneDrive, you can embed it in your blog. Your readers can sort, filter, and calculate data, right there in your post. If you update the workbook in OneDrive, you

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Hi Olaf,


I am having some trouble getting parameters to work when trying to embed an Excel Online workbook. Here is my code below:

<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="no" w
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We run a Shared Workbook across 5 clients.  We also add comment notes which up unitil recently have been fine. However we have noticed that Excel is not saving the comments. Any suggestions

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The shared workbook feature has never worked reliably in Excel. If you are on Office 365, you may be able to use its brand-new coauthoring feature soon: https://excel.uservoice.com/forums/304921-excel-for-windows-desktop-application/suggestions/7162465-enable-collaboration-with-others-editting-in-excel Read More


Can anyone help to resolve this issue?

We can still successfully email files in xlsx format. I can still save as pdf. The only problem is to share as pdf from Excel ( it works in Word)

We have Excel 2013 installed on Windows 10.

I have already tried:


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Hi folks,


Sorry you're running into this, and thank you for reporting the issue.


A fix is in the works. For more information, see After Excel 2013 update, Send as PDF and Send as XPS commands no longer work

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Uninstall KB3128008, then hope Microsoft admits to their mistake.

when i save as pdf in excel 2016 on mac it ignores the page layout 

i reduce the print areaa to 1 page but the save as pdf keeps the original layout and saves it on many pages

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Hey Arie, looks like you caught a product bug. 


Thanks for reporting, I'm tracking ti down with the team. 



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Adding @jeff zhang who know all about Excel on Mac

We couldn't open this workbook because this is a shared workbook. 


Any one have info around this error? 1 excel file our HR team uses heavily. hosted in sharepoint online document library. just started getting this error today.

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I have not seen that error yet eiter. Not sure if this is an Excel issue or OneDrive. 

Do all Excel files have this issue, or just this one file in that folder? 

If you c

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We have an Excel workbook that's saved in SharePoint O365. A number of the cells are protected however we want external users to still be able to filter on these columns when they're editing the work book in the browser. When we open the file in the Excel

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Hi @Rachael Vogel, when you set your sheet protection are you ticking the box to allow Autofilter?


I just tried protecting a sheet with 3 cells (yellow in image) unprotec

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The Excel and Power BI teams have been busy releasing capabilities and tools that allow you to share your Excel data and insights to Power BI more quickly and easily.


Here are a few new ways in which Excel and Power BI work better together:


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