New release: SharePointDsc v2.1 is released! - Updated

Hello all,


We just created a new release of SharePointDsc, version 2.1. Over the last weeks we've implemented many bugfixes and a couple of new resources. This release will be part of the DSC Resource Kit which will be released on Feb 7th 2018.


Unfortunately we are still working on fixing the User Profile Service resources, which broke with the release of v2.0. Hopefully we will be able to fix this asap. Keep an eye on the issue in our GitHub repo.


Improvement/Fixes in v2.1

  • General
    • Updated the integration tests for building the Azure environment
      • Works in any Azure environment.
      • Updated the SqlServer configuration to use SqlServerDsc version
  • SPAlternateURL
    • Added the ability to manage the Central Administration AAMs
  • SPDiagnosticsProvider
    • Added the resource
  • SPFarm
    • Corrected issue where ServerRole parameter is returned in SP2013
  • SPInfoPathFormsServiceConfig
    • Added the resource
  • SPInstallPrereqs
    • Fixed two typos in to be installed Windows features for SharePoint 2016
  • SPSearchAutoritativePage
    • Added missing readme.md
  • SPSearchCrawlerImpactRule
    • Fixed issue where an error was thrown when retrieving Crawl Impact rules
    • Added missing readme.md
  • SPSearchCrawlMapping
    • Added missing readme.md
  • SPSecureStoreServiceApp
    • Fixed issue in Get-TargetResource to return AuditingEnabled property
  • SPSecurityTokenServiceConfig
    • Added the resource
  • SPServiceIdentity
    • Fixed issue with correctly retrieving the process identity for the Search instance
    • Added support for LocalSystem, LocalService and NetworkService
  • SPUserProfileProperty
    • Fixed issues with the User Profile properties for 2016
  • SPUserProfileServiceAppPermissions
    • Removed the mandatory requirement from secondary parameters
  • SPUserProfileSyncConnection
    • Fixed issues with the User Profile Sync connection for SharePoint 2016
  • SPUserProfileSyncService
    • Added returning the FarmAccount to the Get method
  • SPWebAppAuthentication
    • Corrected issue where parameter validation wasn't performed correctly
  • SPWebApplicationExtension
    • Fixed issue with test always failing when Ensure was set to Absent
  • SPWorkManagementServiceApp
    • Added check for SharePoint 2016, since this functionality has been removed in SharePoint 2016

A huge thanks to the following guys for contributing to this project:

Nik Charlebois and Dan Reist


 Let us know in the comments what you think of this new release!


Update: v2.1 is available in the PowerShell Gallery!



Say @Yorick Kuijs is the User Profile issue fixed? Saw Brian L.'s workaround. Thanks for sharing these updates! 

Hi David, the fix for this issue will be included in v2.2 which is planned to be released by the end of this month. The PR with the fix is currently in review.

Thank you @Yorick Kuijs! Standing by for an update on that later in March 2018.