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Anyone else seeing weird CSS formatting on modern pages?


It looks right on lists/libraries (left), by my pages are all wonky now (right).  Same thing in multiple browsers, and cache clears dont do anything about it.




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You may have the new Theme options they are pushing, check your Them on the "Change the look" option on your modern page, the update may have changed the way the menu's l... Read More

We are excited to announce support for your communication sites this week on the SharePoint mobile apps for iOS (version 3.0, released to the store) and Android (version 2.0, released to public beta, general availability in August)! The broad-reach commun

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We were really looking forward to using the Community Site Feature but I am unable to activate it. I was told that Communication Sites were no longer going to be supporte

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@Aneetha Jayaraman can we get an update on Android release, even in the beta program version 2 hasn't been released yet and it nearly 2 months after you said it would be

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Libraries won't open in sharepoint. It tries to connect to one drive and then says "can't display page". Is any one else having a problem?

Are the Communication Site Document Stores suppose to work on the IOS App???  None of mine do...

The new look Communication sites appeared on my Android device SharePoint app today and I agree, they look great on the small screen.

One possible bug, however - when I cl

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Is it possible to exclude / hide the external or guests accounts form the people picker in the share forms. We want to invite customers to some of our sites but we do not want their account to show up when we use the share dialog.


Only thing I found so fa

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Sorry, it's not possible...you can do some "hidding" in the people picker, but not the external / guest users

If an item is directly inside the document library, it opens correctly. But when it is inside the folder it redirects to DispForm.

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Are there any difference in the URL that you get when you are using the Copy Link option?

I just tried and get no difference! In my site, I have turned on the Document ID ... Read More


I have a SQL table that contains article information: title, content and author.

I want to search in that table using SharePoint 2016 search (on-prem).

In order to do that I've created External Content Type with above data, create content source and

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Problem solved! :)

Best Response confirmed by Michal Guzowski (Occasional Contributor)

As @Mark Kashman annouced last week, we started the rollout of Aggregated Personalized News on SharePoint Home with 10% FR today!


Looking forward to hearing your feedback !


Here is a snapshot from the announcement:

News on SharePoint home in Office 36

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We rolled out News on SharePoint Home to all customers today!
As always, your feedback is important. Please let us know what you think!

We are excited to annouce that News on SharePoint Home is now available on all FR tenants and rolling out to 10% production today.

As always, your feedback is important.

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Is Company News and Organizational news still in the works?  Our leadership is hoping for a way to publish news to all our employees.  https://youtu.be/mjhFCMn_8O4?t=2965

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Thanks Alina! Is this is a staged rollout in FR please?

Hi there,


As more of you i was very exicted when i saw the SharePoint Migration Tool.

I hopped right in and started testing the v.02.60.0 version.


I noticed when i migrated a couple of files worth a couple of MB it runs smoothly and very fast. When i put t

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Hi, Can you share a bit more about the error message.


Also look in the log under this folder and let me know if you find anything usefull as to why it didnt work.


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Well, remember the tool is still in preview so some adjustments might be required to be done by the Team...it could help if you share here the logs generated by the tool ... Read More

Does anyone know if it is possible to trigger a workflow action (sending an email) when a user prints an infopath form?

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I think that you would have to use  Code behind the Form.

Hi all, I've a question about the WP in subject.

Is there a way to hide documents from the dedicated "Files" tab?


I've already disabled this feature in Delve,


but other users are still able to see my docs in this webpart, while in Delve are correctly hidden.

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I think you are talking about the Office 365 contact card, right? Adding here @Mark Kashman @Chris McNulty

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Hello Community,


I was trying to use the modern File Viewer web part to display a PDF on a modern page. But for some reasons I just couldn't see any of my PDF file in the Site selector even I am 100% sure files are in this document library.


I end up just

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Assuming you're in First Release, this scenario is now supported as of a few days ago.


Please let me know if you're having any issues.

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Best Response confirmed by Chung-Cheng Yu (Occasional Contributor)

This morning, I ended up by embedding the direct url to the pdf through the "embed" web part. Works like a charm - but is probably not an answer to your question. Just an

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Some more comments from my side...it seems the File Viewer currently available (I'm on first release - Select People) does not work with PDF files yet...so it seems the F... Read More
yeap, I can confirm that selecting an existing PDF or loading a new one makes the WebPart to show an error and the PDF is not correctly displayed

how to change size of text of the side menu ? 

how to add separators to the side menu ?


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I think it's the modern one.
What kind of site you want to change the menu look & feel: a classic site or a modern one?

Last week, at Microsoft Ignite, the new SharePoint Migration Tool was announced with a goal to simplify moving your content from your on-premises SharePoint environment or file shares to SharePoint Online.  This first product release offers a simple user

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I am keep getting "Scan File Failure:Not enough disk space to pack the file" error. Any suggestion how to resolve this issue?


Regards, about 1 month ago I am working with the tool and in some occasions I have generated internal errors, today in particular I

generate the error of the image, my u

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Great info here. Did you try this with OneDrive as well?

I saw this demo'ed at Ignite too and it looked really useful.

Downloaded this afternoon and pointed it at some of our data....


My first impressions were it looked and work

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Really cool thanks for testing and writing down your experience


As the title reads, is there a way of turing off co-authoring at document library level? At the moment the technology is causing some major headaches for users and it would be good to be able to toggle it off until issues are resolved.




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If you modify the library to require checkout that should disable co-authoring. Library settings- Versioning Settings - Require checkout.


It does require some discipline

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No, it's not


I've activated the "SitePage" feature in the site settings - but still I see no Modern page option on the root site - whats missing?   



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You need to check and make sure that you have "Site Pages" Site feature on. It's 2 above wiki. I think that one is what gives you the Pages button there on the menu.
Might I ask why you need to have modern pages in the root site of your SPO Site? I know that many organizations are using the root site even for deploying their Intranets... Read More


I understand their are a zillion places where sharing is configured, but I can't find how this is possible:


Creating a "link for everyone" is possible, but it is not possible to share within the organisation?



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All, just asking a couple of 'dumb questions'.

Does this setting have anything to do (or could be a conflict) with whether the site was created from the SP Admin portal or

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Adding @Stephen Rice

Hi @bart vermeersch,


I just checked within a document library and the People in Organisation is available. Then I created a custom list and the link is disabled. It seems

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I noticed this, too, and I'm glad someone brought it up. I suspect that this occurs in sites that are shared with "everyone," as I've only noticed in sites where I've don

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I would like to customize the web part look (default is just bad)

here is the changes I try to apply - but I have no idea how to do it:

docs.pngHow can I change the look of the webpart ? 

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The only way you have to change this look & feel is by means of some custom CSS that you can add in a Content Editor WebPart...of course, you will need to get what CSS cl... Read More

I am trying to configure the SharePoint User Profile Service to synchronize with Novell eDirectory.  I have successfully setup, configured and started the User Profile Service Application.


When I attempt to create a new Synchronization Connection (Configu

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Have you managed to resolve this issue? I experienced the same problem today when I was trying to set up new sync connection type as Business Data Connectivity.

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We have noticed some new symbols appear within out Document Library. Has anybody else seen these as, I can't find any documentation on them.



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also after the "eyelashes" you'll see, maybe only due to a workflow or flow a squiggle arrow to the right - would love to find a page to tell me for sure :-P

How long does the "Eye Lashes" stay on the file/sub-folder? 

There are different colours for this icon; blue and pink. Anyone know what this means? Also I've not seen these changes on the roadmap.

Yes we have it too. It's the 'new document' indicator.


I believe @Stephen Rose announced this update a little while back around One Drive files so we should see this new glyph over there too! Read More

1. How i can change name "SharePoint" to other name?


2. Can I have to insert link of website on this position?




Thank you.

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Use the JavaScript and customize this.

I don’t think you can change “SharePoint”, at least not using the standard tools (but someone please correct me if I’m wrong). However you can add your logo in the top ba... Read More

Does anyone have a solid idea of when the "Get a Link" button functionality switched over to "Copy Link?" I just noticed my tenant has undergone this change, and I want to be able to tell my users when this happened. Also, does anyone know of a way to cha

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Copy Link works differently when an item is inside the folder.

If an item is directly inside the document library, it opens correctly. But when it is inside the folder it

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And "Share" has also changed with the similar window. So is "Anyone" =  to "Everyone" and "People in [Company]" = to "Everyone except external". Will they continue to map

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This looks great, much clearer what's happening.  I wish our new Tenant had this new functionality, hopefully we will see this coming through to us soon!

adding @Stephen Rice

Creating a dedicated post to track this.  Lots of discussion on this from Yammer, and havent really seen this anywhere here yet..


What is the status of new "Modern" capabilities to support structured navigation?


What structured navigation gives us today:

  • D
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Morning everyone - the related fixes we were waiting on have rolled out so we're able to resume release of this fix. It should be fully deployed to production by end of t

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It seems that whilst latest fix has resolved a number of issues with the global navigation, including the "Page not found" link showing, it appears we are now seeing a 0 ... Read More

@Brent Ellis (and others) - good news! We're finally pushing out a fix to support structured and managed navigation on modern pages/apps in classic sites.


With this upd

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Best Response confirmed by Brent Ellis (Valued Contributor)

Thank you,+1 here! Currently the only issue completely stopping us from moving the majority of libraries to modern. Would be nice to see this in the pipeline. I guess the

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Thanks for posting this. We have turned off modern sites until the navigation is working more consistently.


I think the Modern UI should give more tools for building navi

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I have a link from a web page to an Excel document in SharePoint Online. The following behavior happens:

  1. Chrome automatically downloads the file and forces the user to save it somewhere which then "unlinks" the document from the SharePoint library. The use
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If you edit your link you have and remove the file from the path and navigate to the library and then select and use the copy link button you will get the proper URL that... Read More
Best Response confirmed by Kevin Hoyt (Contributor)



I need some help with setting up a service application, the one in question is the App Management Service Application.  It is currently sat with a status of 'Starting' (see below)Status stuck on StartingStatus stuck on Starting

I have tried the following steps:

  • Restarted II
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Hi there,



We have a SharePoint page which show items that people need to manually add through a form. The form requieres almost 30 fields all of them mandatory and almost all of them have multiple values.


We are looking for a way to upload a CSV/Exc

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you can try below sample pnp powershell script for bulk upload List item using csv and this script support multi value option


Connect-PnPOnline -Url https://m365x.sharepo
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Yeah, the excel import feature will only do text fields for that import it won't pickup multiple values.
To achieve this, you will need to do custom development

our new free eBook is out: "Your Journey to the Cloud: Why Hybrid is the New Normal"

Download it here: https://pages.metalogix.com/ebook-journey-cloud-hybrid.htmlhybrid journey.jpg

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Before I go there - what formats is the ebook in?