Wrong column order inside the content type when using list column inside a site template

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I have created a sub site which got an issue tracking list inside it. Now the list contains 5 site columns, and one list column of type “lookup”.

Then I ordered the columns inside the content type so that the list column lookup will be second, then I saved the sub site as a template.

After that I created a new sub site based on the template,, and I checked the column order inside the content type , but unfortunately I found that the lookup list column will be last in the order instead of being second?

So can anyone advice what is the problem and what might be causing this , seems SP will place any list column at the end of the order regardless the order inside the site template? Thanks

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 It's always better to create a content type in content type hub and subscribe from there for all subsites. Especially with lookup columns there's always an issue when trying to export and import them.

Thanks. But we do not have/use content hub. Also it is working all as expected only the column order changes when create new project site based on the site template.