Where are the "comments" field in Communication Sites housed? Is it Yammer?

Lillian Diaz
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There seems to be some confusion with the comments section that appears in the new communication sites. Can someone explain where these comments reside? Some of us thought it was Yammer seamlessly embedded (that would be brilliant) but after a few "test" comments nothing appears in Yammer search. Is SP bringing back the old discussion board?

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I would've thought that the comments on an item in the communication sites would be stored inside SP and attached to the item itself.
While yes I agree it would be great to use Yammer - we can't rely on everyone using Yammer to have this feature work.

If you view a comms site via SPD you'll see the hidden comments list



Thanks so much! So it's just a list? Curious to know what the experience will me with more comments (i.e. 25+ etc.) are people just going to have to scroll? No easy way to search I'm guessing.

I hear you. I think the problem for us is what will the long-term experience be for users. For example, will the comments just continue to list down the page (i.e. 25+ comments etc.) or will their be an easier way to keep the page clean.

Great finding Warwick, I was sure the content was being stored in a list :)

Since Yammer is a key part of the Communication Site itself with a new webpart and all it will be quite confusing not to see the comments there. If you comment in delve it ends up in Yammer, if you comment a video it ends up in yammer...

Even better.. If I create a Yammer Suite Connected Group I get a SharePoint site, if I create a page in that site I can comment it but the comments end up in SharePoint instead of Yammer. And that function is on as default :(

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