Warning Banner for SharePoint Online

Thanuja Seneviratne


we would like to have a custom "floating" banner in the sites where it conditionally display a warning message with metadata, when a set of custom metadata changes in the farm. In 2010 it has been implemented as in the attachment.


 Is there OOTB way to do this in Online instead a development effort? If not How we can implement same in SharePoint Online as a warning banner applicable for all the sites in the tenant?






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You can implement this in SPO by means of a SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Extension

Juan Carlos González Martín - Do you have any sample code or article to re-direct me for reference ? I meant for the scenario/requirement I seek (not in general SPFx extension articles)

I’ve used this one and it works well. You might be able to tweak it to your needs. https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-fx-extensions/tree/master/samples/jquery-application-toastr

Thanks Chris Webb. This is a helpful link.

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