UPDATE: Support for Structured/Managed Navigation enabled on Modern Pages in Classic Team Sites

Sean Squires

Hi everyone! Thank you for the feedback around wanting to move to the “modern” team site experiences, and needing support for structured/managed navigation. We’re pleased to announce that we have addressed this issue and will be rolling out the fix to the worldwide production environment in the coming days. Thank you for your patience – and to the community for helping us identify some issues during the initial First Release preview!


With this update if you have enabled publishing on a classic team site, your structured or managed navigation will now render correctly in the modern experience (both global and current navigation), including any scoped or audience-targeted links. We haven’t pulled all the classic settings into the modern panels yet, so when you need to edit the navigation elements, the edit link will direct you to the classic settings page.


Navigation settings on a classic team site:




Now render correctly on a modern page:




Additionally, subsites will correctly inherit from the parent web when structural navigation is used.


Parent site:








We hope this unblocks you as you move to the modern user experience (UX). Try it out, and let us know if you have any questions. Thanks, Sean!

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Hi Sean,


I'm seeing a new grid on document libraries today in FR. Is this part of this update? It's rendering like this:



Is it possible to finetune the width to better support non-English longer words... :)



Despite this minor issues :-), congratulations to the team for adding support to structural navigation in modern team sites!

Great job @Sean Squires and team for monitoring the forum.

Does the fix include ability to control the behaviour of opening in new tab vs same tab?


@Sean Squires Should this be in all first release tenants yet?  I have a developer tenant that I am not seeing those changes in yet.  I am still seeing the hidden "page not found" page in both the global and quick launch navigation.

Hi @John Wynne Hi John, no this fix is specific to navigation - but that doesn't look right. @Lincoln DeMaris - have you seen or heard other reports of this issue?

Noted! We're actually already working to implement better overflow logic - consistent w/ other column header behaviors.
FR roll went out today - if you're still seeing the issue tomorrow, let me know and we can troubleshoot (is this w/ structured or managed nav?)
Thanks Kiran - no, that configuration is not in this fix. We are still evaluating design options to support that in the new control; current behavior will be to open site links in same tab and related workload links (mailbox, calendar, planner) in a new tab.

@Sean Squires Looks like it is working as expected today!!  it was with structured navigation by the way, thanks looks great.  Might be able to roll this out to our production tenant soon after the fix is rolled to all non-first release tenants.

The structural navigation is now broken for me. It worked for a couple of days and now the submenu in the structural navigation opens the Site above the Site I have set. Editing at "quicklinks.aspx" or "AreaNavigationSettings.aspx" doesn't help. The links are correct and it still opens the Site above. Adding new items also results in the same behavior. The order for both the structural and global navigation was also randomized on it's own today. Also tried adding a sub menu in the global nav and the items all open blank pages. Don't even want to fix the global nav anymore. Would be nice if something as basic as navigation would simply work. Regret having adviced the customer to make use of the modern pages. It's kind of hard to explain to a customer that you had to spend more than a day to fix something as basic as the navigation. 


edit- just noticed that you mentioned that the fix should be deployed by the end of this week in the other post. Have advised the customer to wait and create a ticket if it's still not working after Friday. 

I have borders around the colun headers as well.

Not sure if this is still rolling out, but my first release account doesn't correctly display the structural global navigation in a sub site. It's missing the root site "Home" link in the child sites.

In classic I get (when visiting subsite: Child 1):
Home (/sites/sitea)
Child 1 (/sites/sitea/child1)
Child 2 (/sites/sitea/child2)

In modern I get (when visiting subsite: Child 1):
Child 1 (/sites/sitea/child1)
Child 2 (/sites/sitea/child2)

Great to see this in my tenancy this morning - thanks team for resolving!



just to get a definitiv answer, activating SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure is now supported again by Microsoft for SharePoint Online Teamsites (both classic and modern and classic with modern pages) to get Managed Navigation?


This is important information for us.


Kind regards,


Yes, let me know if you still have issues after next Monday. Thanks!

Hi @Deleted - no, this fix is specific to ensuring support for modern pages in classic team sites only. We do not recommend enabling classic publishing infrastructure service feature on a modern, group-connected team site (see: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/pnp_articles/modern-experience-customizations-customize-sites); it is technically possible to do, but an unsupported configuration at this time. Hope that helps!


Thank you @Sean Squires. I can see that the navigation elements are now fixed. This resolves by earlier problem of inconsistent navigation between classic and modern. 


However, now another problem remains (I haven't done a comprehensive testing yet:(


We have headers in our current navigation (left-pane), and these headers do not have links. While this works correctly as intended in the classic-mode, the modern-mode adds a link to the root site-collection for these link-less (I don't know what you call those) headers.


These comparative screenshots show you what I am talking about:

modern-nav-02.pngModern-Mode (headers are linked)modern-nav-01.pngClassic-Mode (headers remain unlinked)

And while you are at it @Sean Squires, could you also please help me with a conundrum am facing?


There is a "Return to classic SharePoint" link at the bottom of the current navigation (left-pane). When I click it, I am taken to the classic mode. 


Question ---- How do I get back to modern-mode from the classic-mode?


Issue is still there. The submenu in the structural navigation opens the Site above while the config is correct at /_layouts/15/quiklnch.aspx and /_layouts/15AreaNavigationSettings.aspx

Thanks for reporting. The feature crew has been notified and is investigating (appears to be an issue specifically w/ Edge browser).

Thanks @Abhimanyu Singh - yes, the intended design pattern of modern nav where nesting is used is for the parent header to have an expand/collapse target and a link target. Currently, if the parent/header doesn't have a link it gets treated like a self-referencing link (in this case to the root site collection). Let me discuss w/ the team to see whether there are other options. 

Hi @Abhimanyu Singh - this link is provided on modern pages to provide a quick way to get back to classic view mode. It is setting a session cookie - so you can close your browser session to revert back to modern (note: the team might be looking at making this more of a toggle, right @Lincoln DeMaris?

Pooya - flight rollout didn't complete until probably early afternoon yesterday. Can you confirm you are still seeing the issue? Thanks.

@Sean Squires Perhaps it's just me, but I still see the same problems with Global navigation (Publishing turned on, using Managed Navigation (term set under the Site Collection tree), with a simple custom CSS to outline the drop-down boxes and shade them light blue on hover-over) that I've seen in the past when viewed from a Modern Document Library. It works fine when viewed from a classic page.


Viewed from classic (home page of "Sync Client Test Site" site collection):










Seen from a Modern Document Library:








In the Modern view, there are no Level 3 flyouts, no observation of the custom CSS, and all the underlying links are wrong: they all omit the "/sites/synctest/" portion of the URL (i.e., the portion that specifies the site collection home). The only link that works is the default icon that takes you to the Home of the site. In the classic view, all the links work as expected.


If I look at /sites/synctest/_layouts/15/topnav.aspx, there is only one link there, "Home", and it links to "/sites/synctest". Surely we're not supposed to have to edit that page on every site we've ever created to rebuild our navigation? Here's what my term store entry looks like:















Any ideas? Thanks!




Great Job !
But what about the mobile view. When I open the modern UI Site with the activated global Metadata Navigation on my phone, the global Navigation disappears :( I hoped there would be an Integration with the hamburger menu or something like this.

Hi @Sean Squires - As far as I can see, neither structured nor managed navigation work in modern sites when the Publishing site collection feature is turned on. Is your group continuing work in this area to resolve these issues, or is this now considered the end state? Thanks,




We were told the new UI would support the flyouts in the managed navigation.  We are still unable to move to the new UI because although we see one level of subsites, we do not see the next level as flyouts, which we rely on in our existing navigation.  Please confirm.  Thanks!

@Bernd Diel We are also seeing this and its a massive problem for us.  How can we rely on a Global Navigation that is not present on all devices (or resolutions)?


@Sean Squires Is this a bug, a known limitation, or by design?  What is the recommendation for shared global navigation across site collections which works on all devices?

Thanks @Bernd Diel - that is the plan, to ensure parity of settings across devices. Adding @Nate Clinton for notice/comment (I'll also follow-up on this one).

Hi @Richard Sharp - apologies if I missed an earlier comment - this work was to support structured/managed nav on modern pages in classic team sites. Enabling the publishing feature in a modern team site is not a supported state as it causes other issues - most pertinently, edits to settings cannot be persisted (please see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/pnp_articles/modern-experience-customizations-customize-sites for more details). Thanks, Sean

Charlie - known limitation, but let me or Nate get back to thread w/ more detail. Thanks.

Thank you!  I can now fully support rolling out modern lists to our entire user base.


Great job!




Still waiting for a response to my question.  We were told the new UI would support the flyouts in the managed navigation.  We are still unable to move to the new UI because although we see one level of subsites, we do not see the next level as flyouts, which we rely on in our existing navigation.  Please confirm.  Thanks!

Thanks @Sean Squires, the sooner we can get an idea of when this bug will be fixed the better as one of our customers is depending upon this.

Will you be adding support for second level menu navigation? Currently it appears that you only have top levels displayed. Also, if the label is too long to display in the current width, can you add a rollover popup to show the full name?

Hi @Charlie Lee... we are looking into the device related issues now.  Quick question... are you only seeing this on Android, or iOS as well?  And it looks like the issue is that no nav appears at all in the mobile view?  If you have additional screenshots/etc., that'd be helpful.




@Aneetha Jayaraman

@Nate Clinton It occurs on any modern site. When the width drops below 640px the whole global navigation is removed from the DOM.


See attached.  I have removed site logo and name as it contained client specifics.global_nav.png

Ok... so you are referring to the view in Safari/etc. as well. In iOS, we should be displaying the nav natively. If you could check that, that'd be great. For Android we are doing that work soon. But that assumes I am referring to the right menu for you :) Might be better to chat on a call for this one? Thanks!

Hi @Sean Squires - Thanks for the reply. As you'll see in the description and pictures in my post on 4-Apr-2017, the site I'm working on is a Classic SharePoint site with publishing turn on for the site collection and the top level site, using Managed navigation for global and Structured navigation for the Quick Launch. It is not a Modern site, but I did create a Modern page and I set the view for the document libraries to show the Modern view to see how the navigation would appear on those pages. On other pages the navigation appears as it always has. When I'm on a modern page or a document library with a modern view, the navigation loses the flyouts (labeled level 3 in my screenshots) and does not follow the simple alternate CSS file I use simply to make each entry wider, put an outline around each entry, and add a highlight color when you mouse over an entry. The links (which omitted the "/sites/synctest/" part of each link in my earlier description) are now correct, so that's an improvement! But the existing dropdowns have no outline or mouse-over highlight color, so they're very hard to see, and the flyout level is missing. So my question is, is there work still going on that will address these issues, or is the current state the intended end state?


My goal is primarily to be able to turn on the modern views for document libraries and lists in existing Classic SharePoint sites, but I can't afford to lose the functionality of our current navigation. Thanks very much,




@Nate Clinton - This is actually from Chrome on a desktop.  This is not a device specific issue, its is specific to the screen resolution.  Any browser on any device which is trying to render the page on less than 640px will not see the Top Navigation (highlighted below)




Happy to have a call on this - please let me know how we would sort that out.

@Adrienne Kidd - apologies, I didn't see your inquiry last week. Yes, the new control does support flyout, but currently only two levels (parent and child) - which is parity for structured navigation, but not managed nav on global. I've opened a bug and we'll see if we can get this amended.

Hi @Scott Joyner - the goal is to ensure functionality w/ classic publishing provider (and that behavior)  - so for structured left and top that would be two-levels (parent-child), but for managed top it looks like it's not rendering the third level (grandchild). We're investigating the issue, so thanks to you and Adrienne for reporting. 


As for long labels, yes, we should be truncating and providing full preview in the tooltip. We'll take another look at this one (thought it was previously fixed!). 

Thanks for the additional detail @Richard Sharp (and sorry if I missed these previously). Yes, as we're effectively supporting the classic provider our goal is to have parity of behavior (which, incidentally, for structured is two-levels in global and current, but for managed, three-levels in global and two-levels for current) - so there appears to be a bug here (which others have since reported). We are investigating this now. 


I've also noted the issue of your alternate CSS not being honored. We'll investigate this and get back to you via this thread. 


Thanks for reporting - I want to fulfill your goal and get you on the modern views!

Hi @Sean Squires,


Thanks for your response and continued efforts to resolve these issues!


One note: We also have Publishing sites using Structured navigation in global, with the same concept we use in our sites with Managed navigation. In looking at those sites, we see that Structured navigation also supports three levels, just the same as Managed Navigation. All that's required is that you check the box to Show Subsites in the navigation in the Level 2 site. Then you see the flyouts just the same as you have in Managed navigation. The picture below is such a site (Classic, Publishing, Structured Global). It seems to be just the Publishing feature itself that enables the third level, which is what makes the feature so valuable! Thanks,





This is a great start, thanks!


Could you next also please bring back the tree interface for managed metadata navigation and filtering as described here:




Hi Abhimanyu,

About getting back to the modern view, this flag of current view is stored in a cookie. Even if you clear the cookies and refrersh, you will get back the modern view :)

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