UPDATE: Support for Structured/Managed Navigation enabled on Modern Pages in Classic Team Sites

Yes, I realized that, too...thanks for the feedback. By default right now, but we'll see if we can provide focus on selected items when navigating w/in the site.

Hi @Sean Squires, Is there a way can remove the left navigation in the modern experience?

Hi @Sean Squires is there any way were one can only remove the left navigation?

Hi @Beilul Brhane - not completely at this time (though I've heard of folks manipulating the page client-side after load). You can disable the quick launch in navigation elements setting (_layouts/15/navoptions.aspx) - but we still render the recycle bin outside of this setting so it will still display. We are looking to modify this, but no ETA at this time. 


Just wondering if you got any replies or fixes for this issue.  I'm having the same problem in my site collection and enabling publishing isn't fixing it.

A little late to the conversation here, but I was just wondering if any updates have been released on being able to set an item in left nav to be without a link? This is specifically for instances where you have a parent item that is purely descriptive and shouldn't link to anything, almost like a grouping and would only apply to first level items. Any feedback would be appreciated :)
It still works if you are using classic team sites. When managing the navigation (Site Settings > Navigation) for a parent item use "add header" (the file icon), give it a name no link needed. For the child item then use "add link" and make sure these are indented under the header.
The good thing about parent items with no links is that the whole menu expands if you select it. This does not happen when the item has a link attached to it, you have to select the arrow next to it for that to happen.

Sorry should have specified, my previous message is only in relation to the modern experience pages and sites made with the new Team/Communication/Hub template that don't support SharePoint Server Publishing features and thus no managed navigation.


In these new sites, you only have access to "Edit Links" and it does not allow you to leave an item without a link. Inputting something like "#" just causes it to default to the root site collection.


A way to add a "Header" item through the modern experience "Edit Links" needs to be added.

Yes @Peter-Ross Cuthbert. This is wanting. 


The problem of classic navigation headers in modern was fixed when I raised this. Ref: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/SharePoint/UPDATE-Support-for-Structured-Managed-Navigation-e...


However, the modern experience just doesn't allow headers at all. 




When we are using Modern page, Global navigation still does not show the Root site.

Fix for this is rolled out??


If yes, what are the settings that needs to be selected to get it working.

Please support global navigation on Modern Sites (not just modern experiences).  Lack of global navigation option on Communication Sites and other modern site templates is just bad form.

We don't care if it uses a new interface or if it uses the Term Store, just get it done.  MS should just buy out one of the 3rd party tools like it usually does if it can't hire proficient developers.

This doesn't render in the SharePoint App. It works in the browser on my mobile device, but not in the SharePoint App in my mobile device.


Will this be fixed, as what is designed to be a navigational hierarchy just comes across as a long list when using the App.



Hi Robyn... could you send me more details?  Screenshots of what you are seeing vs. what you see on the web would be great.  I'll message you my email.



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