UPDATE: SharePoint Online team sites + Office 365 Groups moving beyond First Release

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The storage consumed by groups sites is this part of the total assigned to the tenant Sharepoint Storage or like one drive it is counted separately  and how much is the evaialble storage then?

It's part of the space assigned to SharePoint storage

When will it or will it ever be available to create in the admin center?  All the subtle differences between old and new is becoming very frustrating.  If it can't be easliy explained on here just image explaining to end users.

Office 365 Groups do solve a much needed problem that traditional SharePoint sites however the navigation is not consistant and the applications do not all look the same.  When moving between Planner, Word and One Note...they all have different button and navigation.  In some instances, I cannot figure out how to get back to the "group conversation landing page".  Governace is another issue as there are a few ways to create a group that need to be locked down from a centeral location.  Please keep this in mind as you further develop this great new addition to the Office 365 suite.  I know Teams are coming in the near future and that will further confuse users if there isn't clear guidance on how these tools are used and surfaced in the platform.  

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Is there a clear governance and usage guidelines/recommendations about groups published by Microsoft somewhere ? It's hard to define their usage as a self-service for our customers when we do not know their futures.

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Best place to start is here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Learn-about-Office-365-groups-b565caa1-5c40-40ef-9915-60fdb...

... and it blends into one or two other articles into more specifics about management how to and guidance.

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Will this also include the soft delete and recover functionality?


Same request here, you cannot call it "powerful page authoring" when it's not possible to alter the header.
A bootstrap-like layout would be welcome as well!

It does indeed! 


Recovering a group deleted last week that wasnt avialable in Get-SPODeletedSitethat is now.


Waiting to see what happens...

How will we know when the change has happened?  I keep checking every day to see if the "Create site" link opens to create a group, or checking my Office 365 Groups to see if they have a team site yet.  But I'm wondering if there's a better way to know/check?

No better way to know/check...by the way, you can directly try modern site creation by typing the following Url in your browser: https://<YourTenant>.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/creategroup.aspx

How come there is no centralized way to block groups from being created?  I thought we had lcked things down and then tried the link provided _layouts/15/creategroup.aspx and a group was created.  We want to control this administratively but there seem to be all sorts of backdoors to create a group, Planner, the new Time tracking app, PowerBI, etc.  

Thanks Juan Carlos.  Unfortunately, that url didn't work for me.  Just took me to a blank page.  Hopefully I get the updates soon!  They said it'll be rolled out by the end of the month... But we shall see. 

Update: Never mind, the group was not created HOWEVER, I was able to step through the group creation menus and was lead to believe that I successfully created a group.  Again, groups are proving to be more challenging in terms of Governance and control. They fill a need but at this point I cannot advocate them for the everyday user as their are too many options and confusing interface issues. For instance the files view doe not have folders. How is that possible?


Actually the group was created, it jsut took time...

Yeap...what I have seen when you create a modern team site is that the site is provisioned super fast, but the Group creation needs more time

Thanks but the general issue is that I need a way to granularly disable group creation from the GUI.  Powershell is too cumbersome for things that should be easier.

Have a look at this article.  Still may require PowerShell, but might close to what you're looking for.



I actually just noticed in our admin settings that the section for "Site Creation" has changed.  It now shows the option to create "A site with an Office 365 group or classic site", "A site with an Office 365 group", or "A classic site."  So it seems like our environment has been updated.


However, I created a site from the homepage, and it did not create a group.  We have the create "A site with an Office 365 group or classic site" option chosen, but I was not prompted with anything when I created the site. 


Does this mean that it's not completely rolled out to us yet?

Just to confirm, if you create a modern team site from the SharePoint landing page it results in the same thing as creating a Group from Outlook? If not, then what is the difference?

FYI from what I found, even the admin pages have First Release features so make sure your administraion account (if you use a secondary account like my company)  is part of the First Feature group or you will not see all the newest settings.  Found out the hard way.


Honestly, I am not postive about the difference of creating a modern team site from the SharePoint landing page or creating a 0365 group from Outlook.  What I do remember from the Chicago 2017 Microsoft Tech Summit last week is that it is very important where you create the group in terms of chat/conversations.  MS Teams means your group chat will be within Teams (not Yammer or Email) but you get the other 0365 group features, Yammer will give you the SharePoint site and 0365 group features (once this new integration deploys) but your chat/conversations will be in your Yammer group and if you start a 0365 group in Outlook your group conversation will be in the email group conversations.


Someone please clarify if I got this wrong and answer Bruce's question.

Please can someone help detail the search story for Office 365 Group Team Sites.


Currently, it appears that only 'Public' O365 Group Team Sites have contents indexed by the SharePoint search index.

'Private' groups do not.


You can test this by going to a 'Private' O365GTS document library and search for a document using the search box on the top right.  I get no results.

Searching using the search box on the top left of the 'Home' page gives results (Office Graph Search?)


Is there is a way to have 'Private' O365GTS contents indexed by SharePoint Search? Please can someone point me in the right direction...  It is not a good story for users to not have documents show up in the SharePoint search center...

Bruce, there's two release trains here that are in progress:


1. Groups created in Outlook get SharePoint sites.  This track is rolling out to production currently, and will be 100% everywhere by early next week.

2. Sites created from SharePoint Home get an Office365 group.  This track is in first release currently, and will roll out to the rest of production this quarter.



Is there any technical difference between both approaches...I have seen that if you create a Group from Outlook, the EXO inbox is created much faster than when you create a modern team site from the landing page...any other differences?
Hi, we have a hybrid exchange with onprem/ Office 365 and most users do not have mailboxes in Office 365 but they have E1 with Exchange Online turned off. This seems to cause issues when they try to add new members. What is the solution for this?

Both approaches end up with the same result - an Office365 group that includes a SharePoint site.

I see we have 2 distinct sets of SharePoint sites...


1) The tranditional SharePoint sites are found under https://<companyname>.sharepoint.com/  with subsites at https://<companyname>.sharepoint.com/<sitename>


2) The new group Sharepoint Team Sites are found under https://<companyname>.sharepoint.com/Sites/<sitename>


For the first set of sites, about 80% of our sites have been updated so that we can create the new Modern Team Sites.  None of these have been Groupified.


Anyone know the ETA for converting the old team sites to the new Modern Team Site experience?


Anyne know if Microsoft plans to allow the new Group + Team Site experience to have nested subsites?

For converting old team sites to the new modern team site experience - that's already partly happening, with features like modern lists, libraries, pages, and site contents. We want to enable the ability to connect an Office365 group with existing sites, but we don't have a timeline to announce on that yet.

It's already possible to create subwebs in team sites associated with O365 groups! Give it a try!

I've been tring to create secondary libraries and the navigation is not consitant.  Its a complete show stop issue for our work so we have to give up on Office 365 Groups until there is a consitant navigation and branding.

I am also frustrated at the lack of consistent navigation given it's so easy to get lost, especially how hard groups are being pushed!
At this stage, Office 365 Groups - the membership component that manages permissions - is deployed into Office 365. Following that, the underlying services, like the modern team site or shared calendar, is created in Office 365, thus requiring the end user to have access rights to Office 365. AKA, to use a modern team site connected to Office 365 groups, the user needs to be assigned an Office 365 license.

My assumption is that you are trying to do this from the modern team home site, by clicking the New drop-down menu to the right of the team site name (see attached file), and then selecting "Document library."


Is that how you are doing it? Once created, you can then choose to incorporate it within the left-hand navigation of the site; you'd see the name you gave the new library.


- Mark

Always interested in UI/UX deeback. Can you be more specific to the areas where you get lost? Navigating within SharePoint, or from app to app - i.e. shared calendar to group's files?

- Mark
No, I am doing this from the modern Outlook page and there is no navigation to secondary libraries. It also only shows files in a flat format without groups. The issue we face is that Outlook has a whole different experience than the Office 365 Groups "team" landing page. One of these needs to take precedence IMO

That is easy:

  • In SharePoint it is not intuitive to find the other products (the link to go back to Group conversations is there), but trying to find the Group calendar, or Files tab, or planner - you have to click the site title for the navigation box to show up
  • In the Calendar, sometimes you end up just looking at the calendar and lose the actual Groups navigation
  • In the Notebook, you can only go back to the SharePoint site, not anything else, so you end up making multiple hops if you want to go from one to another
  • Outlook is missing Planner
  • In SharePoint, if you click on the "Files" option it takes you to the Shared Documents library, NOT the new Files tab
  • In SharePoint, no option to navigate to Planner
  • There is no solid entry point to Groups - having an interface that shows (1) all groups you are a member of and (2) maybe a quick link to each service would be ideal, then we could tell users "you can get there a million ways, but here is a logical entry point for Groups as a destination"

Bottom line, the Groups navigation should be the same across the board so the user can quickly move between workloads.  Our users are confused as hell


I just created a User Guide for our users and had to include this slide:

2017-01-26 17_54_18-Office 365 Groups User Guide.pptx - PowerPoint.jpg

Great stuff Brent!!! It clearly shows what you describe in your post and the reality of this inconsistency in Groups navigation accross workloads

Agree 100% with this.  Our users are completely confused as well.  It feels like to me Microsoft is trying too hard to not make a SharePoint team site the primary go to spot for a user.  The perfect "portal" location is already there just make sure users can easily navigte to other components.  Maybe this is the point of teams, but at this point I'm getting collaboration fatigue and am not willing to introduce yet another tool into our environment.  It's much too difficult for users to select the appropriate tool.  They do not have the time or patience to run down a list of requirements everytime they need to share a file. 

Thank you Brent for the visual!  I just had this same conversation yesterday with our SharePoint team at my company.  We aren't really sure how to explain navigation to them.  One of the most disappointing parts for us is not having a single landing place where they can see all of their Groups, besides in Outlook.  They are used to being able to go to SharePoint to see their "Teams."  Everyone knows technology changes, and we have to learn new ways of doing things, but this scenario just makes it more difficult.  I agree that it is not intuitive, and will be hard to explain to the users how to navigate throughout their new sites.

We need to be able to customize the features of a group....too many things they might not use that I want to hide, and other things I want to add. The Navigation on the new Modern page sis really really really poor. Please fix this so we can actually use it.

I have also experienced this problem.  Please advise why contents of a private group are not being indexed in the Sharepoint Online search index.

Hi Brian - today you should be able to search for content in private groups from SharePoint Home and from within the private group itself.  There is work underway to enable private group results from Delve (and classic search) as well.  The timeframe on that front will align with 'search with personal relevance' which was announced at Ignite in this session. @Bernt Ivar Olsen might be able to share additional details here.

Thanks Brent!  You have called out an area where we clearly have room for improvement. :) 


There is some work in-flight already, the first of which is introducing a common 'Group Card' that each workload will use and will surface intra-group navigation, among other things. 


We also have an effort underway where we are actively looking at opportunities to drive better 'coherence' across Office 365 Groups and navigation is one of the core topics we are exploring currently.   We can share more details once we've landed on a model that works well across all group workloads.

A message sent to us on 9th January via the admin center mentioned that SharePoint Online team sites integration with Office 365 Groups was starting worldwide rollout and that it is expected to be completed by the end of the month. It is now February and the site option via a group is still not visible for our users, only a handful of us on First release can see this. Messages sent out and actual work taking place on tenants are not matching up, this is not the first time I have experienced this do we know when this worldwide rollout is meant to finish? 

Office365 Groups getting SharePoint Sites is fully rolled out to production at this point.  Do you have a "Site" link in the group navigation in Outlook?  Do you see a "Home" tab when you view group files in Outlook?

I am accessing groups via OWA (screenshot attached), when I click on the more tab I can only see "Planner" where I am expecting to see "Site" I can see this when logging in with an account which is in first release on the same tenant. 

Hi Shaun - you should see the "Site" tab appear within a couple of days.  The Exchange team needed to wait until the "Groups get sites" capability hit 100% of our production farms before enabling this link in the OWA header.  The temporary way to get to the group's team site from OWA is to:

1) Click on the 'Files' tab in OWA.  This takes you to the OWA group file view

2) Click on 'Browse library' in the top right of the page

3) You will now be in the group's SharePoint doclib

4) Click on 'Home' in the left nav



Thanks Tejas, I have checked today and the "Site" tab now appears. Understand we could have reach the sites via a different route but it was more that we were looking to send out comms to our users about this feature and wanted to direct users to using this "Site" tab to keep it simple. My issue was more around the messaging saying it was expected to be rolled out by end of January meaning if it wasn't which there was a chance I feel another message should have been sent out to advise this. 

All is good now in my tenant.

Thanks again.