Stuck in the classic "change the look" option on modern sites

Jeff Williams
Occasional Contributor

So I was playing around in change the look (looking for the mega menu).  And i clicked on the link to switch the classic change the look.  Thinking i could switch back if i want.  But it seems i am stuck with it.  It also seems to have switched on all my modern sites.  I have tried a different browser already.  Anyway, has anyone seen this before.

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@Jeff Williams So you couldn't switch back from classic theme once applied? Each modern site is its own site collection right how could the classic theme get applied to all modern sites?

Can you please provide some screenshots to help us better understand the issue.




If you just need to get back for yourself you can paste this in the developer tools console and refresh the page to get modern back.

javascript:document.cookie = "splnu = 1; path=/"