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i have a SharePoint List and i want to get some information from SCCM by running SQL Query on back end. i have a SQL Query but i do not know how to connect SharePoint to SCCM and get the data from the SCCM and put it back on SharePoint list. 


For Example User will enter a computer name into sharepoint list and then SQL Query will run and it will go to SCCM and find that computer name and grab other information about computer and put back into SharePoint list. 

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Do you need it in a SharePoint List?


Reason I ask is you could use PowerBI or Power Query in Excel to query AD directly (without SCCM) and pull back the information.


And if you really, really need it in a SharePoint List then use Flow to read the info out and copy to the List.

I have to use the SharePoint List because i have a PowerApps and it saves all the data into SharePoint list.

you could install the Data Gateway and have your powerapp use that to connect to SCCM

if i use Data Gateway will that save information in sharepoint list?

Not by itself, it will give you access to your on-premises SCCM data. After you query that data, you can save it (and any additional data entered into the PowerApps form) to wherever you need to

To keep the results of pre-selected local SCCM SQL data queries (and many other sources) in sync with native SharePoint Online (or on-prem) lists code-free you can also go this way:




A Windows Service does the job in the background. All SharePoint features, such as views, search, notifications, workflows, PowerApps, and more are available as the data finally is in the SharePoint list, always up-to-date.  

We do what you are talking about with SharePoint lists and SCCM via SCORCH (System Center Orchestrator). That's what SCORCH is designed to do with Runbooks. If you are licensed for SCCM, you should check to see if you are licensed for the entire System Center suite.


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