SharePoint Online Settings menu change?

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Does anyone know of any release notes or roadmap article pointing to the SharePoint Online Settings menu change.


In our classic UI sites it has changed from this:

Settings old.JPG


to this:




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Hello Richard,

In our production one, we don't have that change applied


But in my personal test tenant I have the same presentation change for a classic Teamsite created






The modern site also changed



It's probably associated to the current deployment in progress with the icon changes, but not any clear view for that.



PS, if you go into your root SP page of your tenant, this menu changed to following the same style




Yes, we are the same. I'm seeing it in our test tenant, not our production yet.


Would like some idea of when its landing in production and if its configurable.

It’s not configurable and they put this a few weeks or so back in the message center in admin center. There is also a recent blog showing it let me find it.
Thanks Chris!
We are also seeing these changes in our environment.

I believe it's part of MCMC173542


We’re updating the Office 365 NavBar in OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and their respective admin centers, to align the looks of the NavBar across and We'll begin rolling this feature out soon. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 42268.
How does this affect me?
After this change takes place, OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, your OneDrive for Business admin center, and your SharePoint Online admin center will all be updated with a new NavBar that is aligned with the NavBar experience in and The Office 365 NavBar provides shared features and capabilities that bring together OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Outlook, and simplifies your interaction with the NavBar.
If you’ve done work to brand OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online, your settings will remain unchanged. If you haven’t re-branded the NavBar, you’ll notice that the default color for the apps has changed to blue. The following are some of the changes you’ll see in the new NavBar:
- In SharePoint Online, the Gear icon now opens a pane to show the same settings options that you’re familiar with. There’s also a new section under settings that takes you to all Microsoft 365 settings.
- In OneDrive for Business “Settings” and “Restore my OneDrive” are now the top selections in the settings pane.
- The help pane in both OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online also have a new look. You'll find the same custom links that you've set up, but it's good to review that the links are working as they may get more attention in the new pane from your users. This change is not yet available for GCC organizations. We will begin gradually rolling this change out to Targeted Release organizations starting today, and the roll out will be completed worldwide by early March 2019.
By the way, the new site settings pane is quite ugly ;-)
Meh, I prefer personally. But going to be one of those things :p.

What I've found is that it's overwriting my intranet's suite bar, so you can no longer view the settings gear icon or the profile icon. I'm the only one seeing this now, as i'm in preview group, however, once rolled out this will cause a lot of grief for my users that manage pages in the intranet. Do we know if the suite bar piece can be over-ridden for a specific site collection? Nothing I've tried has worked thus far. Might be a call to Microsoft to review and see what they have to offer. 


Thanks everyone!

@Cynthia Walby 


Did you by any chance had to handle custom useractions? We have few buttons( custom) and they do not get displayed properly. Any pointers on how to handle them ?



So how do we attach an O365 to an older SP site collection now besides PowerShell? 

Meant to say O365 Group... the menu option of "Connect to new Office 365 Groups"



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