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Hi all


I'm trying to configure Search in a Communication Site and It is not working so far.


The site includes, among other things, 1 Library (storing PDFs) and 1 Page (Home). The search on the library works perfect. I can type a text and it search within the PDF and I get the results.


But when I go to the site HomePage and I type the same keyword, I get no results.

Capture 2.JPG



I've been checking Search Settings and Search and Offline Availability but seems to be ok.

Allow this site to appear in search results? is set to YES.


I don't know what I am missing... Any advice?




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That's odd, usually I would say it's because it's a group site and you need to be made a member for search to show up correctly but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Is this communication site stand alone or part of a hub?

Also there used to be an issue where removing users permissions from the root site collection at tenant.sharepoint.com would cause index issues, you didn't remove permission off that site have you? Figured it wouldn't matter because you are admin, but if you don't have explicit permission it could maybe be it.
Thanks for your reply Chris,

It is a communication site stand alone and no, I haven't removed permissions off that site... It should be something simple but I don't know what is so far...

assuming if you hit F5 to force a refresh, then try searching still no results?
Yes, no results... :/

Don't know if it relate, but I have a support ticket opened because I'm not getting results when I search for words that are in Site titles/urls. Search has been been very unreliable for me for the past few months. I'm starting to wonder if some of the efforts to modernize search using the Graph are somehow impacting the classic FAST search features.

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