SharePoint Mobile App Contact List

William Hardwick
When viewing our contact list on the mobile app, we only can see the first 30 contacts? The next button keeps scrolling away, and does not work?
Using iOS.

Any ideas?
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@Sohail Tariq ... any ideas?

@William Hardwick could you please share a little more about your issue so we can help troubleshoot it.

1. Is this a list under Team Site or you are referring to people pivot?

2. what's the next button you are referring to? Is it native experiece for list of hosted? We do not have next button in native experience.

3. Also please share your server topology if known (i.e.  SPO/ SharePoint Server 2013/2016). How many items are there in your list?

4. Is it possible to share a screenshot after removing personally identifiable information (PII) from it?


  1. It is a Team Site at the top level.
  2. Native experiance? I dont understand your question. It is a basic custom list with a a filter to only show a couple of fields, and at the butoom of the screen it says "Next" in which is supoose to take you to the next page. see image. However, you can't get to the "Next" button because you have to keep scrolling up because it is hidden under the blue aps bar? (What ever that is called?)
  3. We are using Office 365/SharePoint.
  4. We have around 500 items in the List


It seems you are using the mobile view available in SharePoint....have you try the SharePoint App (ready for iOS, in preview for Android)
Duh! I was clicking on a custom link to the list view on the quick launch bar. Thanks for the help!
Glad to help