SharePoint Event - Link in E-Mail not working [Bug]

Ivan Unger
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Hi, quick question to figure out if everyone has this problem.


When I create an event in a communication site and then send this event with the "Send by E-Mail" button from the toolbar to me, the hyperlink does not properly work. The site loads, but the page below the navigation stays empty/white.


I've noticed a little difference in the hyperlinks, from when I open it directly through a webpart



Comparted to the hyperlink from the e-mail


But removing &from=1 at the end doesn't help either. I'm unable to load any event directly with a deep link.

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We are having the exact same problem. Did you find a resolution? Do you know if anyone else is having this issue as well? I can't find anything online yet about this. 

no, you're the first responder here. I haven't created a ticket, since it wasn't critical yet.

I have the same problem. I posted this issue two weeks ago in this forum.
I also made a ticket. But the only response was that they couldn't reproduce the problem.

Best you can do here is to open a support ticket and also post the problem here so anyone from the Team working on modern WebParts can be aware of the problem...have you both tried to add the Events WebPart on another page? By the way, adding here @Mark Kashman so he can point to the right folks

This behavior is happening whenever the url is used as a link from anywhere other than the Events web part. Even more disturbing is that even if you click the Event in the Events web part and see it load properly, if you simply refresh the page you will see the same issue. It seems as though the Event.aspx page is checking the referring page or part and if it is not a direct link from the Events web part or the page that has that part on it, it is not displaying properly. This a major issue for the Events functionality on modern sites.

I posted something on stackexchange last week and just saw that it did get a reply and some action from MS, fyi:


Hi, thanks for reporting the issue. It should be fixed and the Event link should work now. Please let me know if you still have this issue. Thanks!

Yes, thank you for the update. I see that the problem is resolved.

Looping in @Dave Cohen (US) who can help troubleshoot and loop in the right "Events" owner. Also Cc to @John Sanders who may also know the right person per Events web part ownership.


We'll see if we can track things down.


Thx, Mark.

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