Quick Links error

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Quick Links error

I'm getting an error when using the modern Quick Links web part on a page that requires content approval. Has anyone seen this?



1 - Navigate to Site Pages > Settings > Versioning Settings

2 - Enable content approval (Require content approval for submitted items? - Yes)

3 - Create a modern page and add the Quick Links web part to it

4 - An error message will be displayed below the web part

5 - Save or Publish the page


At this point you are able to confirm that the web part error is still displayed.

Although, once the page is approved, the error disapears and the web part works as expected.




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Re: Quick Links error

Hi Joel,


I'm currently investigating this issue.


Does your error message state "A data source is required" in the technical details section?




Re: Quick Links error

Hi Sam,

Yes that's the error message. My bad, sorry... Should have included the error message from the start.


Re: Quick Links error

Thank you for confirming.


Could you PM me your tenant information? 

Re: Quick Links error

Thanks for the quick reply Sam.

This is a tenant that belongs to one of our clients, so I will request their agreement before sharing information.




Re: Quick Links error

We have identified the issue and are working on deploying a fix as quickly as possible. 

Re: Quick Links error

Thank you very much Sam!

Apologies for the lack of communication from my side as I was still waiting for an answer from the client on how to progress this.



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