Obtaining list of users that FOLLOW a modern experience site ?

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Hello all,


I have not seen a discussion answering this, so I took it upon me to start this here.


Basically, is there a way to obtain the list of the people who have hit the "star" button to follow a sharepoint modern experience site ? Such as in the picture below ?




(Sorry for French, "Suivi" means "following" meaning I have hit the star button)


This would be really helpful to update the database of contacts who receive the newsletter of the site.


Thank you to anyone willing to direct us in the right direction !


PS : I can get access to the admin center if necessary.

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Don't recall to have a direct way to get a list of users that have favorited a site, but for a user you can get his/her favorite sites so you can potentially get this list

Hi Juan,


First, thank you for your answer.


Second, I tried to recover one's favorite sites by going through their profiles on Delve (https://eur.delve.office.com) where I went to see some user's profiles, I did not see their favorite sites. 


Could you be so kind as to point us in the direction to access one's favorite sites please ?

There is no way to get the list , user following information only available in the user profile of his own, SPSocialActor can get you the followed user for your site, based on this you need can create a list.

Hope this helps

Hi Thuyavan,


Thank you for pointing me in this direction. However, I lack coding skills. What do I do ? 


It seems "SPSocialActor" is an object right ? For example, on google I find this tutorial : https://blog.sharedove.com/adisjugo/index.php/2013/07/25/get-followed-users-and-get-followers-in-sha...


Where do you put the code snippets ?


I am using Sharepoint Online with relative access to the admin console...

Oh! If it is SPO you need to refer the below thread. The blog you are pointing to is for On-premise SharePoint versions .


Thank you Thuyavan,


Could you please check the link ? It seems to be not working I'm afraid.



Please copy and past the URL in the browser instead of clicking it directly
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