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Taen keren
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If a Company doesn't want to use Yammer in their SharePoint intranet - what other options is there to create a similar "newsfeed" where end users can post various messages? 

create a community site and 'embed' this in the Intranet front page or what alternatives are available? 

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@Taen keren,


This depends on the SharePoint version, which one are you using?

@Maggan Wåhlin 


SPO :) 

Classic or Modern?

@Maggan Wåhlin - Modern (comments on pages are not an option) 


@Taen keren , I would recommend using the built in modern pages. In the Site Pages library, you could add a new custom content type (based on Site Page) called, for example, Announcements. When users creates a page based on this content type, you can display it on the start page using the Highlighted Content web part.


Hope this helps!


@Maggan Wåhlin  - doesn't seem to "propagate"


Created a custom site content type - added to the SitePage Library - but not selectable when creating new page   

@Taen keren, the new content type needs to inherit from Site Page, then it will be available in the New page dropdown. The image attached is in swedish, but you get the idea ;)





@Maggan Wåhlin  - I created it as Site Content type - inherited from site pages - as I can't create it from within the library settings - there I can only add it from existing content types. 


In the highlighted content webpart - I can't filter upon the content type

@Taen keren , you need to add the content type to the library. Go to library settings and add it to the list of already available content types.

@Maggan Wåhlin  - I've added it to the library  - and can create post now - but can't filter in the webpart 

@Taen keren , good job!


What you need to do is filter the webpart by a managed property:




Then your end result would look something like this:




Good luck!


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