New infographic: document circle of life

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"Where should I store my files?" and "What's the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive?" If you get these questions a lot, this infographic could seriously help build a standard lifecycle for files and documents. Also applicable to Teams, Outlook Groups, and Yammer, since they use SharePoint in the background. Link below for full-size version.



Document Circle of Life - 450px.png




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Nice one (as always) :)


My biggest issue with ODB and Enterprise is.. what are really personal files in the Enterprise? Personal files belong outside your work, and depending on where you live/work, laws and regulation have an impact on if there really are any personal files or not.


That said - creating drafts to be moved later is a good point, as you state in the lifecycle part. But outside of that, I would rather than "personal files" say something like "Non-business critical" files. Remember it's called "OneDrive for Business" - nothing personal about it really.


Files I typically store in my OneDrive for Business:

  • Conference presentations (could easily have been stored in a site/group, but they are sort of one-offs and short lived)
  • Dummy documents for testing
  • Personal copies of expense reports
  • Extra backups of code in zip files for old projects in case I remember something cool I should copy (could probably be deleted as I never look at them)

..in reality, all business files, but not critical or important to someone else.


So, although the infographic read well with the statement "personal files" I wish there was a better just-as-easy phrase we could use. Any ideas?

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