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Chung-Cheng Yu

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I was hoping to get clarification from you regarding the New External Sharing Experience communicated by MS in this post. Is this experience available only when you share files/folders in OneDrive or in SharePoint Online?


Assuming we want to share a site with external users (with the "Allow users to invite and share with authenticated external users" option selected in SP Admin center), would they still be required to access the site using a Microsoft Personal Account or O365 work/school account?


I appreciate your insight and helps 

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Should be available in both SPO/ODFB as well as the Office apps and the desktop OneDrive client (depending on the version you have). And yes, users will have to login with their accounts, unless you create a Guest link ("Anyone").


I believe that new secure links work in both OneDrive and SharePoint, but only for files and folders, not for sites.

@Stephen Rice am I correct?

Whoops, since I skipped over the "I want to share a site" part. Back to bed for me :)

Yes, new links only work for folders and files. Any site access is still handled MSA access, which the sites can also be added access if they are invited as guest through Teams if a Team is attached.

I appreciate everyone's response. Just one follow-up question - Does anyone know if MS have plan to extend this new experience to site sharing some point in the future?


Very often we find some of our external users feel struggle to differentiate a Microsoft personal account vs Office365 Work/School account. I think with this new experience it can simplify the process a lot. 

Nothing I've seen or heard about. I have seen some mumbling about bringing MSA option back for "Specific People" file sharing option or something around redoing that option in general, but that's all that I've heard. And even for that you won't get any information about it. We will hear all of what's coming soon from the SharePoint Conference in May.

Yep, it currently works for only files and folders.


We want to bring the same flexibility to site sharing as well but don't have anything to share just yet. Thanks!


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