Modified site collection name sometimes not show up in hub site

Mattias Lindgren
Occasional Contributor

I have created a communication site that I named “sn-ekonominyheter” (apologies for names and screen shots in Swedish) and associated it to a hub site. For us it is important that the actual name of the group starts with the prefix “sn-“ (other parts of our organization will use other prefixes). Then I renamed the website to “Ekonominyheter” using the standard Edit website information dialog:




However, when I create a news page on this site, the hub site still use the original name: 


I have done the same for other communication sites e.g. renamed “sn-it-nyheter” to “IT-nyheter” and there the new name shows up in the hub site:




It has been several days since I renamed the site. I also tried to do a complete re-index of the sn-ekonominyheter site collection, but that did not change anything.


Any ideas on what is causing this and how I can solve it?

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