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Arjun Menon
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Hello Experts,


We are using the template, "Copy New Files from your PC to SharePoint" for copying any new files which are added to my files system. We cannot rely on OneDrive for business since we want to make the process run without an explicit login to the machine.

Part of process, we had done following steps as part of the process.

  • Installed Data Dateway (
  • Configured in one of the On-premises server where we want the files to copied to SharePoint Online
  • Configuration was successfull and added the connection in Flow and saved the flow.
  • Addition of new files are getting identified by Flow.
  • But we are getting an error "Bad Request".
  • When we see the output, we are getting Status 400 and error message as "A value must be provided for folder identifier."
  • We are not sure where are we going wrong.
  • Adding the screenshots as well for the reference.

Any leads would highly be appreicated.


Thanks in advance,

Arjun.Flow - Error.jpgGeneral ErrorFlow - Error_2.jpgOutput from REST

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We were using this process sucefully for a number of months however it appears FLOW might no longer support this process.

Thanks for the response Andrew. Had been wondering where I was going wrong.

I think your question is not answered in that same thread which you had shared. The reply was suggestiong to OneDrive to Sync one drop-off library kind of setup and then trigger a workflow in that library which will push to your actual destination library. It may work in yours but not in my requirement atleast. 

What I was looking for is an unattended set-up for synchronizing files automatically without any manual intervention and this seemed to be an optimum solution. Now I may have to go to old-school, which is custom-.scripting. 

Thanks anyways for the update.



Hi @Arjun Menon


I agree didnt really get an answer that helped.


If Microsoft have removed this functionality it would be interesting to understand why. 

@Stephen Siciliano @Arjun Menon I just wanted to see if there has been any update to this issue.  When it worked was very useful.

I see the current file system triggers just list metadata only items - has the functionality been removed


@Michael Holsteperhaps you could help find the people who can help here? 


I want to apologize for the confusion here. We had an update to the File System connector that has the trigger only return back the metadata of Files. This change was made because some files are too big and the trigger was failing (the On-premises Data Gateway has a relatively low limit for file size).

However, you CAN still accomplish your scenario, it just takes one extra step. Now you can do:
- When a file is created or updated
- Get file content (or, Get file content by path)
- Whatever actions you wanted...

With this pattern you can use an error-handling step to also handle the case where the file is too big, so you can choose what to do (e.g. send yourself a notification, or you could ignore it). That would be impossible with the previous pattern.

Again, sorry for the issue, please let me know if this pattern doesn't work.

Hi Stephen


That has worked perfectly thank you - easy when you know how.


You may be able to help with something else related to this Flow.  Is it possible to strip an element out of the file name to be used in the flow either by going back to metadata or used to lookup a SQL table.


Sample file name - "DeliveryTicket_PLU0234176_9951_120778.pdf


The segment PLU0234176 relates to an order number that we could then use to lookup information related to that order.




We are actually just about to release some string parsing capabilities (likely before the end of next week). In this case you'll have a couple options: split on the '_' character and then take the 2 item from that array, or, you could take a substring of characters 16 through 25. It just depends on how flexible the file name is.

Thanks Stephen, I will keep a look out for the updates.

Hi Stephen


I see this functionality was released, and the substring command has worked for me to look up the SQL table however the table columns aren’t being listed as dynamic content on the next steps of the Flow.


Previously when the get rows command was used the next item is 'Apply to Each' then select "values" which in the next action step allowed SQL table columns to be selected.


Has there been a change in how to use the output from SQL?




1st Image shows current flow and no option to use data returned from SQL



2nd Image shows existing flow with SQL table items used


@Stephen Siciliano


This seems to be working this morning. Can now use output from SQL table 



@Stephen Siciliano

Hi Stephen

Does the File system connector allow nested folder and files to be copied to SharePoint?


@Rema_Gopinathan not in a single action but you could recursively do it.

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