Importing Hyperlinks from an excel spreadsheet

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I have been scouring and have tried everything I have found so far with no luck (add an app - import spreadsheet etc etc) I have an excel spreadsheet that contains url hyperlinks and display names. I would like to import this list, displaying the display name but following the url when clicked. I cannot seem to get this to work at all on Office 365. I really do not want to have to manually add these 700 urls and link them

Any advice?

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@Mindbender I figured out something that will work. I created a list, renamed the Title column to Display Text, added a column type of Hyperlink named URL. I then went into Quick Edit and was able to copy my data from excel and paste it into the list template in Quick Edit by highlighting both columns and hitting Ctrl+v. I then added this list as an app part to a page.

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