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Levi Johnson

Has anyone found a way to refine search results by filetypes for images in a picture library? The extension is shown as (aspx) for my images, but they are all .jpg files. I'm using SharePoint Online. 

I've applied FileType and FileExtension refiners to my refiner web part:refiner.png


Here's my results - note that FileType doesn't even work with these, and I just get .aspx as an extension. FileType works for all my other documents, like .docx, .xlsx, .pdf, etc.


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When you click on the item link, does it open the list item view page or just the image? I suspect the results are the items and not the images which is as expected as SharePoint indexes the list item. If you use an Assets library instead that might work as you expect but I haven't tested it

It does navigate to the properties page. I believe this is due to not being able to add .jpg or .png files to the list of crawled files in SharePoint, since I am using the Online version. Why they don't include these is completely beyond me. 

However, if you use a regular document library, then the list items are ALL that is displayed, with not even a picture preview. Because I've put these in a picture library, the images are displayed in the search results. Other than that I haven't been able to figure out much.

Honestly, Don't think it's even possible, but I figured I'd post here and see if anyone had any better luck than me, or maybe we can simply have images added to the crawled file types list? Maybe? Let a man dream.

Hi Levi! Joined in here a few days ago. Did you ever send the jpgs to a picture library? No list and no doc library. Picture libs got the right site columns. Then go to library settings-advanced- there is a button to reset the index. Let it crawl then, set your search query. Should work. All the best, Eva

I believe that's what I ended up doing. I did manage to find the right attribute though, it was a long time ago. Thanks,

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