Datasheet view is slow to update when copy/pasting many rows

Henning Strand

I have a customer who really wants to use the datasheet view/Quick edit for updating multiple rows at a time. They keep Excel sheets from where they copy/paste changes into the custom list, using datasheet view. I have recommended them to reduce the number of rows in views and keeping the number of updates in each copy/paste low, but of course they would like to do as many as possible in one go. The list now containg upwards of 500 rows.

Anyone have any great tips on how to make this as smooth as possible? Also tell if there are any specific configurations that impact speed specifically - like row count, columns in view, type of columns, etc.

We see that Chrome works faster than IE when loading the datasheet view, but we also see that copying/pasting multiple rows from Excel does not work. I know datasheet view in Chrome was not supported earlier, but should it not be supported for SharePoint online?

Thanks for any tips.