Cutomizing SharePoint Online Modern Page

Vikas Dhingra
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1) is that feasible to customize the modern pages page layout? as we do in classic attach a content type and we have to fill the required metadata before publishing that page.


2) Can we add an app from SharePoint app store in modern pages?



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The answer to both questions is No:
(1) Microsoft will provide the ability to customize modern page layouts, but no ETA yet for this
(2) I have not heard lately any news about this feature coming to SPO

Hi Juan,

when can we expect Microsoft to provide the ability mentioned i bullet no 1?


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As said by Juan Carlos González Martín it was announced in a roadmap but for now there is not date of release.


For advance modification you have to use publishing site but forget new design,


Wait & see !  

I believe you can add apps on modern pages but you have use SharePoint Framework to develop apps and deploy on the apps catalog